Vocational Rehabilitation

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Public Hearings

Proposed Rules Changes

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    Adopte​d Policy

    • VR-PT21-03 Vehicle purchase, insurance and modification ​(10/1/2021)​​
    • ​​​VR-PT 21-02 Eligibility to Work in the United States​ (3/30/2021)​
    • VR-PT 21-01 revised Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Use of Electronic Signatures​ (3/5/2021)​​
    • VR-PT 20-05 Prior approval for IPE Purchases (8/28/2020)
    • VR-PT 20-04 Warranty payment (7/02/2020)
    • ​​VR-PT 20-03​​ Official paper case s​ervice record and ORCA documentation of case notes​ (7/02/2020)​
    • VR-PT 20-01​ ASL Interpreter Guidelines (ASL Interpreters must complete and pass criminal and abuse background checks) (2/14/2020)
    • VR-PT 17-04​ Internal Controls Policy and Procedures for Tracking and Reporting Pre‐Employment Transition Services (08/15/2017)
    • VR-PT 17-03 Reserve at Least 15 Percent of Program Allotments for the Provision of Pre‐Employment Transition Services (08/15/2017)​
    • VR-PT 17-02​ Fiscal Policy. Program Income (6/16/2017)
    • VR‐PT 17‐01​ Fiscal Policy: Purchases for Equipment and Other Expenditures (2/27/2017)​
    • VR Policy 6.11 Transition Policy
    • VR Policy 6.4​ Services to Persons who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (10/2/2015)
    • VR Policy: 3.14 Supported Employment policy (4/21/2015)
    • VR Policy 3.13 Self-Employment (Sept. 18, 2015)
    • VR Policy: 3.1 Time to Plan (Jan. 1, 2015)    
    • VR Policy 2.3 Authority to Work (8/24/2015)

    Vocational Rehabilitation Action Request

    Vocational Rehabilitation Information Memorandum

    Employment Policy for Individuals with IDD

    A summary of employment services and policy​ for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) are organized alphabetically by topic area.