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Vocational Rehabilitation

​​​Office locations an​​d contacts

Vendor contract and pro​curement processes

VR is subject to established ODHS contract and procurement processes and limitations. Some services and supplies must be obtained through contractual relationships while others may be obtained outside a formally negotiated contract. Find more information for vendors.

Job placement service co​ntractors

Vocational Rehabilitation has published a new Request For Applications (RFA) on OregonBuys. We are soliciting applications from providers who are qualified to provide employment support services VR participants. The RFA is open to businesses, nonprofit organizations and self-employed individuals.

To apply, register for OregonBuys and search for the VR RFA, S-10000-00003770. For questions related to this solicitation, please contact Zachary Jurak at 971-388-8853 or​

WIOA Competitive Inte​grated Employment Toolkit


Job Developm​ent Forms Webinar​

Required VR Job Placem​ent Services Forms


J​ob Developer Orientation Training (JDOT)

To register for this contract training requirement:


Information about VR Internships and Application Process.

Triba​l VR Programs

Listing of statewide Tribal VR Programs​​​​​​​​​​​​​