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Vocational Rehabilitation

About Ticket to Work

​​The Ticket to Work Program, or just "Ticket Program," is part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. This l​aw removed many of the barriers that used to keep people from going back to work because they were worried about losing health care coverage.

  • Ticket to Work is a Federal program that provides Social Security disability beneficiaries with the choices, opportunities and support they need to find and keep employment. 
  • The Social Security Administration provides disability beneficiaries with a Ticket they can use to find services and jobs from an Employment Network (EN).
  • Maximus is the private company that is contracted by the Social Security Administration to administer the Ticket Program.


Questions about Oregon Ticket to Work Program or Process

Eugenia M. Cox 
Phone: 503-434-2380​

Consumers who are Blind or Deaf-Blind should contact the Oregon Commission for the Blind at the address and phone below.

Public Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Network Providers

Oregon Commission for the Blind

Address: 535 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

Contact: Dacia Johnson

Phone: 971-673-1588 

Toll Free: 888-202-5463 

TTY: 971-673-1577

Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation​

Address: 500 Summer Street NE, E-87, Salem, OR 97301 

Contact: Eugenia M. Cox 

Phone: 503-434-2380

Toll Free:  ​​833-994-1452

Find your local Vocational Rehabilitation office