Vocational Rehabilitation


Planning My Way to Work

Planning My Way to Work

This manual is intended to:

  • Guide you through the transition process
  • Understand and advocate for your rights, services and resources
  • Provide information to help you understand complex adult service systems
  • Reinforce that you and your team design your transition plan that meets your needs
  • Identify and plan for employment and adult life goals

Oregon Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS)

DHS Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

ODDS supports choices for people with disabilities and their families within communities. ODDS provides services that are directed, flexible and in the community. They are supportive of everyone’s gifts, talents and abilities. They work toward options that allow people with developmental disabilities to have lives that are enjoyable and meaningful.

Work Incentive Network – Social Security Benefits Counseling

Work Incentive Network

Work Incentive Network (WIN) services help people with disabilities make informed choices about work, benefits and the use of work incentives to achieve their employment goals. Social Security Benefits, for example, are for people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This free service will help you find out:

  • What work incentives are available to you
  • How to report your income
  • How to minimize overpayments
  • How to access and maintain your health insurance
  • What happens when you increase your income

One special incentive for students is the Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE). For example, in 2018, if you are under age 22 and are regularly attending school, and receiving SSI, the Social Security Administration will not count up to $1,820 of earned income per month (maximum of $7,350 annually) when they determine your SSI cash payment amount.

Please contact call (1-800-661-2571) or email the WIN Help Desk for answers to your questions and concerns about how work will impact your state and federal benefits.

Families and Communities Together (FACT)

Fact Oregon

FACT Oregon is the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) designated Parent Training and Information center (PTI) for Oregon and is dedicated to empowering Oregon families experiencing disability offering family support that is “by families, for families.” It does so with focused work in three interconnected areas: expanding awareness, growing community and equipping families. The outcome is families with high expectations for their child and a vision for the future where all communities are accessible, welcoming and embrace that disability is natural. Families and community partners can call (503)786-6082, email support@factoregon.org or visit the website at factoregon.org to find resources, training opportunities and get answers to your questions.

Vocational Rehabilitation

DHS Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is a voluntary federal program administered by states to help people with disabilities find employment. In Oregon, it is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS). The mission of Vocational Rehabilitation is to assist Oregonians with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and independence.DHS Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) assists individuals with disabilities to get and keep a job that matches their skills, interests and abilities. VR staff work in partnership with the community and businesses to provide services that are individualized to help each eligible person receive services that are essential to their employment success. VR staff provides information to help individuals make decisions about:

  • Career choices
  • Reducing or eliminating barriers to employment
  • Reaching employment goals
  • Connecting with long term support services