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About the Youth Transition Program

Youth Transition Program

Established in 1990, the Oregon Youth Transition Program (YTP) is a collaborative partnership between the office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Oregon Department of Education, and the University of Oregon. It is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation every two-years through competitive grants to local school districts and ESDs. The purpose of the YTP is to prepare students with disabilities for employment or career related postsecondary education or training through the provision of a comprehensive array of pre-employment transition activities and supports.

YTP was developed initially in seven high schools as a federal system change grant. Today, YTP serves about 2000 students in over 180 Oregon high schools.

YTP Management Team

Contact Information

Lisa Catherwood - Statewide YTP Coordinator - Vocational Rehabilitation

Sally Simich - Secondary Transition Education Specialist for Oregon Department of Education

Charlotte Alverson - Assistant Research Professor in Secondary Special Education and Transition at the University of Oregon

Jesse Berkey - Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) for the Mid-Valley Region of Oregon

MaryJo Erickson - Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) for the Southern Oregon/South Coast Region

Michelle Markle - Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) for the Portland Metro and Hood River/Wasco Region

Terry Falkenstern - Technical Assistant Provider (TAP) for Central and Eastern Oregon

Gerrit Wiebe - Technical Assistant Provider (TAP) for Northwest Oregon Region