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Resilience and Emergency Management

​​​​​​Recovery campaign materials

Please share with your networks to help Oregonians connect with recovery resources.


Social media ad

English social media ad: Affected by Oregon wildfires? Call 1-833-669-0554 Spanish social media ad: Le han afectado los incendios forestales de Oregon? Llame al 1-833-669-0554

​​​​​​Apply to help wildfire survivors​​​​​​​​​

Orga​​​​nizations invited to apply ​for contract to help wildfire survivors

ODHS is seeking organizations to provide emergency outreach and wraparound supports to people affected by emergencies and disasters. Please consider applying and sharing this opportunity with others.

Help your organization might provide under this contract include an assessment of needs, information and referral services, and direct support related to health care, housing, financial stability, utilities, communication, and other community resources. The contract also includes flexible funds for the direct purchase of items and services to support the recovery and stability of wildfire survivors, such as housing expenses, utility payments and transportation.

​Multi-Agency Shelter Transition Teams (MASTT)

The purpose of a MASTT is to assist survivors with the transition out of shelters into a more permanent recovery plan. 

Spanish language resources

Evacuations and CO​​VID-19