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Preparing for Emergencies

Plan ahead to stay safe

In an emergency, being prepared is the best way to protect your family and community. After a major disaster, emergency services may not be able to reach you right away. Make sure your family knows what to do. Plan to be on your own for at least three days.

Visit these websites to learn how to prepare for emergencies:

Emergency alerts

Know what emergency alert systems are used in your area.


Learn what to take with you in an evacuation.

Families with children

Disasters are scary for everyone, especially for children. Visit these websites to find resources including how to talk to children about disasters, emergency kits for kids, activity books and more:

Resource families (foster care)

In a major emergency or disaster, the local Child Welfare office needs to know where all children in care are located.

People with disabilities

For people living with disabilities, it's important to create an emergency plan for specific needs. Visit these websites to learn about making a plan, putting together a kit, communication, equipment and more:

Older adults

Knowing what to do and who to contact in an emergency is important, especially when you may need help from people close by. Visit these websites to learn about making an emergency plan and steps older people can take to prepare for emergencies before they happen.


Our pets are an important part of our lives. Make plans in advance for your pets in case of an emergency. Keep in mind that what’s best for you is usually what’s best for your pets.