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All Oregon Community-Based Care facilities must adopt an Acuity-Based Staffing Tool to determine the appropriate number of direct-care staff necessary to provide care services to residents based on individual resident acuity. Assisted living and residential care facilities may choose to use the Acuity-based Staffing Tool provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services or another acuity-based staffing tool.

  • All Oregon CBC facilities must select an acuity-based staffing tool by February 1, 2022. 
  • By July 1, 2022, facilities must fully implement the selected ABST and complete an ABST evaluation for all residents.


The requirement that assisted living and residential care facilities use an Acuity-Based Staffing Tool was introduced in House Bill 3359 (2017). 
Senate Bill 714 (2021) added to and refined the requirements.​ ​


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