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The Oregon Legislative Assembly created the Residential Quality Measurement Program with passage of  House Bill 3359 (codified as ORS 443.44​6 and 443.447) in 2017.

This law requires the state to develop a system to measure the quality of care in assisted living facilities (ALFs) and residential care facilities (RCFs).

The law also created the Quality Measurement Council which is composed of nine experts appointed by the governor. The council and the Department share the duty to continue developing metrics to measure the quality of care provided by facilities. 


The Residential Care Quality Measurement Program has two goals:

  1. To provide information that helps Oregonians understand the quality of care in facilities. Facilities can share their data confidently knowing the quality measurement program is focused on learning and improvement. 
  2. For facilities to use that same information to improve the quality of care.​

​Responsibility of Facilities to Report Metrics Annually

Oregon law requires that each facility, including those with memory care endorsements, report data on the following metrics each year:

  • Retention of direct care staff
  • Compliance with staff training requirements
  • Number of resident falls that result in injury
  • Frequency of use of antipsychotic medications for non-standard purposes
  • Results of annual resident satisfaction survey conducted by an independent entity

Yearly Reports

The Department produces two yearly reports required by the law. The Quality Measurement Report gathers information received from all RCFs and ALFs and describes statewide patterns and trends. The first data reporting year was 2020. The 2020 Quality Measurement Report was published in July 2021. 

The Compliance Report provides an overview of compliance actions taken during the preceding year. The report identifies the number, severity and scope of regulatory violations by each geographic region and shows average timelines for surveys and investigations of abuse or regulatory noncompliance. These include regulatory actions based on surveys (inspections conducted every two years), abuse investigations and licensing complaint investigations. 


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