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Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities must develop and implement written policies and procedures that promote high quality services, health and safety for residents and incorporate the community-based care principles of individuality, independence, dignity, privacy, choice, and a homelike environment.

Oregon Administrative Rules

Provider self report abuse formProvider self report abuse form
Chapter 411, Division 057Memory Care Communities
Chapter 411, Division 054Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities
Chapter 411, Division 020Adult Protective Services
Chapter 407, Division 007Criminal Records and Abuse Checks
Chapter 333, Division 150-162Food Sanitation Rules
OWNER (LICENSEE) License Application for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Oregon Revised Statutes

ORS 124.050Criminal Records and Abuse Checks
ORS 410.070Duties of DHS; elderly persons and persons with disabilities; rules
ORS 443.004Quality Care - Criminal Records Check Required for Employees
ORS 443.400, 443.885-886Residential Facilities and Homes/Alzheimer’s Disease

Rule Guidance

Guidance for Completing Move-Out Notices
Residential Care and Assisted Living Rules 2012 update
Sexual assault treatment