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Oregon's Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care Facilities and Memory Care Communities are licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services. Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 411, Division 054 defines general licensing standards (411-054-0010) and requirements for new construction or initial licensure (411-054-0012).

Licensing Process and Requirements

Prior to applying for a building permit, prospective applicants with the intent to build and license a new facility as a residential care or assisted living facility, must comply with the process as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule 411-054-0012.

Applicants for residential care and assisted living facilities must provide Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) a complete licensing application (SE 0570), at least 60 days prior to expected licensure.

Licensing Application Forms

License Application (Management) for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities (SE 0570M)
License Application [Owner (Licensee)] for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities(SE 0570)
Memory Care Community Endorsement Application with Instructions (SE 0940)