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Program Description

The Oregon Money Management Program (OMMP) is funded by the Oregon Department of Human Services and offered statewide through regional sponsors. Regional sponsors choose which services to offer in their areas.

Services are free for seniors and people with disabilities who have limited resources. Most services are provided by trained and supervised volunteers who work one-on-one with each senior. Paid staff may also provide services. Consumers can be enrolled in more than one OMMP service. At a minimum, program participants should be contacted monthly. 


Bill-pay Service - Bill-pay service is for consumers who have the capacity to make decisions about their personal finances but need help keeping on track. Bill-pay service can be short-term (1 to 3 months) or long-term, to meet the consumer’s needs.

Payee Service - Payee service is for consumers who do not have the capacity to manage their own federal benefits such as Social Security and VA (Veterans) benefits. Regional sponsors apply to become the payee for the consumer’s federal benefits and volunteers are appointed to manage day-to-day financial tasks.

Income Cap Trust (ICT) - ICTs help people who need Medicaid services but who are not eligible for Medicaid because their income exceeds the Medicaid income cap. ICTs allow consumers to become eligible for Medicaid because their income is directed to a trust account that they do not control,​ and is not counte​​​d as a resource. Regional sponsors become the trustee for ICTs and may appoint volunteers to manage the day-to-day financial needs as outlined in the trust.

​To find out more about the Oregon Money Management Program, call the ADRC at 1-855-ORE-ADRC.

Resources for Program Coordinators


2014 Press Release Volunteer Focus
2016 Deferral Disabled Senior - 490-015
Annual Payee Reconciliation Report
Annual Payee Report Calculation Worksheet
Bank Authorization to Open Payee Accounts
Bill-Pay Client Important Information
Bill-Pay Involuntary Termination Letter
Client Agreement to Remove Financial Documents
Client Contacts Form
Client Referral Form
Client Spending Plan
Client Stories Template
Client Transfer Checklist
Coordinator Email - No Activity
Coordinator Email - No Vol Response
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Session 1 - Program Overview
Session 1 - ADRC Region Map
Session 1 - Program Structure Portrait
Session 1 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 2 - Service Types
Session 2 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 3 - New Client Assignments
Session 3 - Client Spending Plan Example
Session 3 - Payee Register Example
Session 3 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 4 - Monitoring Record Keeping
Session 4 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 5 - Medicare Medicaid
Session 5 - SDS 512 Form
Session 5 - Title XIX Form
Session 5 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 6 - Federal Benefit Payers
Session 6 Quiz - Questions Only
Session 7 - Spending Down
Session 7 Quiz - Questions Only
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Agency Monthly Checklist - Region 4
Certificate of Appreciation
Death of Client Instruction Sheet
Individual Statement Checklist - Region 1
RepPayee Physicians Statement
Representative Payee Important Information
Tax Deduction Info. for Volunteers
Transaction Register