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APD Provider and Partner Resources

​Role of the Coordinator

The Adult Foster Home Provider Complaint Resolution Coordinator works with adult foster home providers (licensed by ODHS Aging and People with Disabilities, a designated APD licensing agency, or Behavioral Health) for complaints that have not been successfully resolved at a local level.

Coordinator Activities

  • The Coordinator will facilitate and coordinate activities and discussions with the Oregon Department of Human Services, the local office or the union to move toward resolution.
  • The Coordinator is not responsible for making a decision or determination about the content of the complaint.

Contacting the Coordinator

Your first point of contact for questions and concerns should always be your local office or your SEIU representative if it is a union issue. You are encouraged to get clarification and attempt resolution from your local office first. Contacting the Coordinator should be the last option.​​​​​​

To contact the Coordinator:

SEIU-represented Adult Foster Home providers who have collective bargaining agreement questions can call the SEIU Member Resource Center at 877-637-2611.