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APD Provider and Partner Resources

​Approval Proce​​ss

Adult Foster Home (AFH) providers and caregivers are required by Oregon Administrative Rules to complete continuing education requirements for annual licensing. The ODHS AFH Training Credit Committee must review course information and authorize any training credits issued for the continuing education requirements of AFH providers and caregivers. 

AFH providers, caregivers, instructors and sponsors of training events can submit a request for training credit approval.

Note: AFH providers and caregivers can take any course or training for extended learning or skill enhancement they wish. However, only courses or trainings that have been approved by the AFH Training Credit Committee count toward required continuing education hours.

​Instr​uctors, sponsors, age​ncies, ODHS staff and others

If you are an instructor or trainer, sponsor of a training event, agency, ODHS staff member or other entity requesting authorization for training credit approval, use form DHS 1510. 

Download and complete form DHS​ 1510. Instructions are included in the form.

Delegated Or​ganization​s

Complete form DHS 1510 and submit by email, fax or U.S. mail as noted below, along with any required materials as noted on the form.

Do not submit materials directly to committee members or other ODHS staff.

Review and approval

The Adult Foster Home Training Credit Committee will review and consider all requests.

  • Incomplete submissions will not be processed.
  • Initial orientation and training required to become a licensed provider or new caregiver will not be approved for annual training credits.