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State Independent Living Council

​What are the core Independent Living Services?

Independent Living Services are designed to help individuals who experience disabilities achieve personal goals for independence and participation in their families and communities. The five services considered to be the core of the Independent Living program are: 

  • Information and Referral
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Peer Counseling
  • Individual and Systems Advocacy
  • Life Transition Assistance (related to youth leaving secondary education, or individuals transitioning to or remaining in the least restrictive living environment)

Am I eligible for Independent Living Services?

Individuals of any age are eligible for Independent Living services, as long as each of the following three things are true: 

  • You are a person with a disability, and
  • Your disability substantially limits your ability to function independently in your family or community (including, but not limited to areas such as self-care, mobility, communication, housing, employment, education, etc.), and
  • The services received are expected to help you in at least one of the following three ways:
    • Improve your ability to function in your family or community
    • Maintain your ability to function in your family or community
    • Obtain, maintain or advance employment

How can I receive Independent Living Services?

Independent Living Services are provided by Centers for Independent Living (CILs) that exist in various locations within each state. These CILs are private, non-profit organizations, run by people with disabilities.  Services are provided through a peer mentoring model. 

To learn more about Centers for Independent Living, select any of the following links: 

Oregon Centers for Independent living: promoting choice, equal access and full inclusion of people with disabilities throughout Oregon. The map below visualizes the counties served by various Centers for Independent Living across Oregon, which are detailed in the Oregon CIL Directory​.

Counties currently without CIL services include: Coos, Curry, Linn, Benton, Lincoln Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Tillamook, Clatsop, Columbia, Hood, Wasco and Sherman.