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State Independent Living Council

​State ​Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)

The State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) is a required federal document that outlines goals and objectives for Oregon's Independent Living (IL) program, outreach plans, funding priorities, resource and staffing plans, collaboration and partnership activities, and information about the expansion of the network of service providers.

The State Plan is revised and resubmitted to Federal authorities for approval at least once every three years.


The goals and objectives of the State Plan are developed collaboratively by the State Independent Living Council ​and Oregon’s Network of Centers for Independent Living, based on information identified through assessment of Independent Living service needs and consumer satisfaction surveys. Surveys, focus groups and community forums are all possible methods for gathering the information necessary to assess statewide IL service needs. 

The public has opportunity to provide input as the State Plan is developed.

Current State Plan​

Annual Report

The 704 Report is a federally mandated program report, submitted annually to Federal authorities. The report provides funding data; consumer statistics for CILs that do not receive direct funding from the federal government; and narratives about progress on state plan goals and objectives, achievements, bar​riers, and plans for the future.

Most Recent Oregon Program Performance​ Report​