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12/17/2020APD-AR-20-109ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership/Change in Name Memory Care Facility
12/16/2020APD-IM-19-005INFOLong Term CareVendor Payment for Purchase of Gloves and Masks for Homecare WorkersPCA code is updated.
12/9/2020APD-AR-20-106ACTIONProvider InformationNew Memory Care Facility, New Residential Care Facility, Change in  Ownership Memory Care and Residential Care Facility, New In Home Care Agency
12/9/2020APD-AR-20-107ACTIONLong Term CareBest Practices for Hospitals & LTC Facilities for COVID-19 Flow Chart for  Local Office Staff
12/7/2020APD-AR-20-105ACTIONProtective ServicesRecording Reported Death of Alleged Victim
11/20/2020APD-AR-20-101ACTIONOtherKeys Amendment - Annual Public Notification of Standards for Residential  Facilities
11/18/2020APD-AR-20-100ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership/Change in Name Memory Care Facility
11/13/2020APD-AR-20-098ACTIONProtective ServicesAccidental Approval of Facility reports
11/6/2020APD-AR-20-097ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership/Change in Name Memory Care Facility
11/5/2020APD-AR-20-096ACTIONSystem IssuesCEP Vouchers Needing a New Authorization Relating to the Wave One  Conversion
11/4/2020APD-AR-20-095ACTIONProtective ServicesDocumenting Interactions with Parties to an Investigation Post Completion
10/30/2020APD-AR-20-093ACTIONLong Term CareAFH Standard Ventilator Rate Requests
10/30/2020APD-AR-20-094ACTIONProvider InformationNew Residential Care Facility
10/23/2020APD-AR-20-091ACTIONOtherOregon Project Independence and Title XIX Home Delivered Meals in Oregon  ACCESS
10/15/2020APD-AR-20-090ACTIONOtherAAA Monitoring of Nutrition, Legal, and Health Promotion Programs
10/12/2020APD-AR-20-088ACTIONProtective ServicesAPS Demographic Data Collection
10/12/2020APD-AR-20-089ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership Memory Care Facility
9/30/2020APD-AR-20-087ACTIONSystem IssuesURGENT - Address Coding Alignment to Prepare for ONE Conversion - ACP,  DND, TEMP
9/24/2020APD-AR-20-086ACTIONLong Term CareLong Term Care Community Nursing Services
9/23/2020APD-AR-20-085ACTIONOtherOlder Americans Act and Oregon ACCESS changes
9/15/2020APD-AR-20-084ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership In Home Care Agency, New Specific Needs contract
8/31/2020APD-AR-20-080ACTIONProtective ServicesRoom and Board Investigations - Notification to SOQ
8/31/2020APD-AR-20-081ACTIONLong Term CareAPD Mandatory Cognition Training Webinars 2020-2021
8/28/2020APD-AR-20-027ACTIONLong Term CareAdult Day Services - temporary suspension due to Novel Coronavirus  (COVID-19)
8/28/2020APD-AR-20-079ACTIONOther2021-2024 Area Plan Budget Instructions and Workbook
8/26/2020APD-PT-19-022POLICYLong Term CareRisk Assessment Mitigation & Monitoring Requirements for In-Home Consumers
8/14/2020APD-AR-20-078ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership Assisted Living Facility, Change in Ownership Memory  Care Facility
8/3/2020APD-AR-20-077ACTIONProvider InformationHomecare Worker Credentials
7/29/2020APD-AR-20-075ACTIONOtherArea Plan Budget update
7/21/2020APD-AR-20-073ACTIONOtherAAA Monitoring of Contract and Fiscal Compliance
7/14/2020APD-AR-20-071ACTIONSystem IssuesOregon Access utilization of new user role, Super User
7/10/2020APD-AR-20-070ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership/Change Name Memory Care Facility, Changes in  Ownership/Name Changes Assisted Living Facilities, New Memory Care Provider, New  Assisted Living Facilities, New In Home Care Agency and New Advanced Care Adult  Foster Home Contract
7/9/2020APD-AR-20-067ACTIONFormsRemoval of the APD 539 series from the Forms Server
7/6/2020APD-AR-20-068ACTIONLong Term CareIndependent Choices Program (ICP) Work to Prepare for Electronic Visit  Verification (EVV)
7/1/2020APD-AR-20-066ACTIONLong Term CareIndependent Choices Program (ICP) Benefit Calculation Form Updated Due to  Wage Increase Effective 07/10/2020
6/12/2020APD-AR-20-064ACTIONProvider InformationNew Memory Care Facility, New In-Home Care Agency
6/3/2020APD-AR-20-062ACTIONOtherAAA Nutrition Congregate Meal Program Reopening
5/26/2020APD-AR-20-061ACTIONOtherOAA Service Reporting for Covid-Related Services
5/8/2020APD-AR-20-056ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Ownership/Change Name Residential Care Facility/New Advanced  Care Adult Foster Home Contract
4/30/2020APD-AR-20-054ACTIONOtherArea Plan Extension
4/24/2020APD-AR-20-052ACTIONLong Term CareExpedited hospital discharge for Service eligible individuals
4/24/2020APD-AR-20-053ACTIONOtherAAA Financial Reporting for COVID Funds
4/16/2020APD-AR-20-050ACTIONProvider InformationNew In Home Care Agency, Change in Ownership/Change in Name Nursing  Facility
4/14/2020APD-AR-20-038ACTIONProvider Information90 Day Extension for Home Care Workers due to COVID-19
4/7/2020APD-AR-20-048ACTIONMedical BenefitsTemporary Allowance of Self-Attestation as Verification at Initial Application  for all Non-MAGI Eligibility Factors due to COVID-19
4/3/2020APD-AR-20-046ACTIONLong Term CareSpecific Needs Contract Admission Request Form
4/3/2020APD-AR-20-047ACTIONOtherOAA Service Reporting Under Oregon's Major Disaster Declaration
4/1/2020APD-AR-20-045ACTIONLicensingTemporary changes to licensing complaint practices due to COVID-19  precautions
3/31/2020APD-AR-20-044ACTIONLong Term CareProcess for Administrative Extensions Due to Suspending Adverse Actions Related to COVID-19
3/27/2020APD-AR-20-043ACTIONProtective ServicesTemporary Changes to APS Practice Due to COVID-19 Precautions
3/26/2020APD-AR-20-035ACTIONProvider InformationREVISED: Hiring on a Preliminary Basis process due to COVID-19 (Temporary change)
3/25/2020APD-AR-20-041ACTIONProvider InformationNew Residential Care Facility and New In Home Care Agency
3/20/2020APD-AR-20-034ACTIONLong Term CareLimitation on Face-to-Face Contact with In-Home APD Consumers Due to  COVID-19
3/18/2020APD-AR-20-032ACTIONProvider InformationChange in Name Memory Care Facility, Change in Ownership Memory Care  and Assisted Living Facility
3/13/2020APD-AR-20-025ACTIONOtherSAC and DSAC Meetings due to COVID-19
3/13/2020APD-AR-20-026ACTIONOtherCOVID-19 impact on AAA nutrition and other congregate programs
3/12/2020APD-AR-20-017ACTIONLong Term CareAPD Case Management Tools Redesign Survey
3/5/2020APD-AR-20-015ACTIONFood BenefitsSenior Farm Direct Nutrition Program
2/28/2020APD-AR-20-007ACTIONSystem Issues2020 Oregon Project Independence (OPI) Fee Schedule and Participant Sliding Fee Rates
2/28/2020APD-AR-20-013ACTIONLong Term CareNew CBC [AFH/RCF] Exception & AFH Standard Vent Email Box
2/27/2020APD-AR-20-012ACTIONMedical BenefitsSMB/SMF/SBI/CBI Clients Who May Qualify for QMB/SMB as of March 1
2/12/2020APD-AR-20-008ACTIONProvider InformationChanges in Ownership and changes in names Residential Care and Assisted  Living Facilities
2/12/2020APD-AR-20-009ACTIONFormsOregon Project Independence Waitlist Tool
1/24/2020APD-AR-20-005ACTIONLong Term CareRequired APD AFH enrollment for new placements of APD consumers in DD  Adult Foster Homes
1/13/2020APD-AR-20-003ACTIONProvider InformationNew Memory Care Facility, Changes in Ownership and changes in names  Memory Care, Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities
1/3/2020APD-AR-20-001ACTIONProvider InformationBusiness change for those who process HCW/HSD PSW W-4's
12/24/2019APD-AR-19-057ACTIONLong Term CareAPD Mandatory Quarterly Webinars 2020 Schedule
12/20/2019APD-AR-19-056ACTIONLong Term CareIndependent Choices Program (ICP) Benefit Calculation Form Updated Due to Wage Increase and WBF Rate Change for 2020
12/19/2019APD-IM-19-107INFOSystem IssuesReal time updates from CM to MMIS will be unavailable on 12/27/2019
12/18/2019APD-IM-19-105INFOOtherIncreased Homecare Worker Hourly Rate paid by AAA's
12/18/2019APD-IM-19-106INFOLong Term CareAPD/AAA Case Manager 2020 1 st Quarter Trainings: iLearn
12/16/2019APD-IM-19-104INFOLong Term CareStatewide Release of Information (form 3010) available in Oregon Access
12/12/2019APD-AR-19-052ACTIONOtherAnnual Area Plan Update
12/12/2019APD-PT-19-045POLICYMedical Benefits2020 Cost of Living Adjustments
12/12/2019APD-PT-19-046POLICYLong Term CareCommunity Based, PACE & Nursing Facility Rates
12/11/2019APD-IM-19-100INFOSystem IssuesAPD End of Year (2019) Processing Schedule and Updates
12/11/2019APD-IM-19-101INFOLong Term CareAPD/AAA Case Manager 2020 1 st Quarter Trainings: iLearn
12/11/2019APD-IM-19-102INFOOtherEmployer Resource Connection Update
12/10/2019APD-AR-19-051ACTIONProvider InformationNew In Home Care Agency, Change in Ownership Memory Care
12/10/2019APD-PT-19-044POLICYLong Term CareCommunity-Based Care Transition Services
12/4/2019APD-IM-19-098INFOOtherOregon's 2020 Medicare Advantage Plans
11/26/2019APD-IM-19-097INFOLong Term CareSDS 0514i In-Home Exceptions Request Form Updated and Translated
11/25/2019APD-AR-19-049ACTIONOtherKeys Amendment - Annual Public Notification of Standards for Residential Facilities
11/25/2019APD-PT-19-042POLICYProtective ServicesThree New APS Policies: 040-005, 060-009 and 120-001
11/20/2019APD-IM-19-094INFOSystem IssuesResolved: Issues with Oregon ACCESS Release 25.05
11/18/2019APD-IM-19-093INFOLong Term CareMandatory Webinar for case managers, D/T coordinators, managers that supervise case managers and D/T coordinators - Wednesday 11/20/19
11/13/2019APD-AR-19-047ACTIONProvider InformationNew In Home Care Agency, Change in Ownership Memory Care
11/13/2019APD-IM-19-092INFOLong Term CareCEP manual has been updated and is posted on the HCW webpage
11/6/2019APD-IM-19-088INFOSystem IssuesOregon ACCESS Release 25.05 - Friday, November 15th, 2019
11/4/2019APD-IM-19-086INFOLong Term CareNew Case Management Contact for Transition Services
10/30/2019APD-IM-19-084INFOMedical BenefitsUpdated CCO Information-OHA Letters to Clients
10/30/2019APD-IM-19-085INFOLong Term CareHCW Payroll Calendar for 10/2019 - 12/2021
10/30/2019APD-PT-19-039POLICYOther19/21 OAA Contract's Amendment 1
10/29/2019APD-IM-19-079INFOOtherMMA Transmittal: 2020 Medicare Part D Stand-Alone Plan Information
10/29/2019APD-IM-19-083INFOOtherAdditional APD-Specific Information about Authorized Representatives and Alternate Payees
10/25/2019APD-IM-19-078INFOLong Term CareMental and Emotional Disorder (MED) review process for APD training module now available on iLearn
10/14/2019APD-IM-19-075INFOLong Term CareForm 0356 has been removed
10/10/2019APD-AR-19-045ACTIONProvider InformationName Change Assisted Living Facility and new Behavior Support Provider
10/10/2019APD-IM-19-073INFOLong Term CareNew CAM Indicator in Oregon ACCESS
10/10/2019APD-IM-19-074INFOLong Term CareCA/PS Re-assessments and Service Plan Updates While Pending for Financial Verification
10/3/2019APD-IM-19-071INFOMedical BenefitsTimely Determinations for APD Medicaid programs
10/3/2019APD-PT-19-034POLICYLong Term CareAPD Rate Schedule – LTCCN & RCF Hourly Exception
10/1/2019APD-AR-19-044ACTIONProvider InformationNew Assisted Living Facility
9/27/2019APD-IM-19-066INFOFormsOnline 786 Now Available for AAAs - Replaces the PDF 786 Form
9/27/2019APD-IM-19-067INFOMedical BenefitsOSIPM and Long Term Services & Supports Reductions and Closures
9/25/2019APD-PT-19-033POLICYLong Term CareClient Contribution Informational Letters for PACE Cases
9/19/2019APD-PT-19-032POLICYLong Term CareUpdates to OHCC rules/Information about HCW/PSW mandatory training requirements effective 1/1/21
9/18/2019APD-AR-19-042ACTIONProvider InformationName Change RCF and Memory Care, Change In Ownership/Name Change RCF, New In Home Care Agency
9/18/2019APD-PT-19-030POLICYLicensingASPEN Data Entry timeliness
9/18/2019APD-PT-19-031POLICYProtective ServicesFour New APS Policies Related to Screening
9/13/2019APD-IM-19-062INFOLong Term CareHow to fill out an I-9 Form for Homecare Workers
9/6/2019APD-IM-19-055INFOOtherMass mailing to individuals with an authorized representative
9/6/2019APD-PT-19-029POLICYOther2019 SPR Deadlines
9/5/2019APD-IM-19-060INFOLong Term CareAPD/AAA Case Manager Onboarding Training Information
8/30/2019APD-AR-19-040ACTIONForms2021-2024 Area Plan Instructions
8/29/2019APD-AR-19-039ACTIONProvider InformationNew Memory Care Facility, Name Change In-Home Care Agency, Change In Ownership/Name Change Nursing Facilities
8/28/2019APD-IM-19-056INFOProtective ServicesAbuse investigations within Intensive Intervention Communities (IIC)
8/19/2019APD-IM-19-054INFOLong Term CareMandatory Webinar for case managers, D/T coordinators, managers that supervise case managers and D/T coordinators - Wednesday 8/21/19
8/12/2019APD-AR-19-037ACTIONProvider InformationNew Facilities, Changes In Names, Changes In Ownership CBC Facilities, New In Home Care Agency
8/9/2019APD-IM-19-053INFOLong Term CareUpdate/Change to APD-PT-14-015  STEPS to Success with HCWs Consumer Contacts
7/16/2019APD-IM-19-048INFOLicensingRegulatory Framework Guide
7/16/2019APD-IM-19-049INFOMedical BenefitsPickle Multipliers Updated in OAR 461-135-0780
7/16/2019APD-IM-19-050INFOOtherOregon Project Independence (OPI) Brochure
7/10/2019APD-AR-19-034ACTIONProvider InformationNew Facilities, Changes In Names, Changes In Ownership CBC Facilities
7/10/2019APD-IM-19-045INFOSystem IssuesOregon ACCESS Release 24.30 - Friday, July 19, 2019
7/10/2019APD-IM-19-046INFOSystem IssuesAccessing the DHS-APD Intranet Site
7/9/2019APD-IM-19-044INFOOtherModification to the Final Verification Process for Documents Scanned into EDMS Prior to Shredding Hard Copy Files
7/3/2019APD-IM-19-043INFOOtherAssistive Technology Workshops
7/3/2019APD-PT-19-021POLICYLicensingPublic File Retention
6/28/2019APD-IM-19-042INFOLong Term CareUpdates and enhancements to form 2780 SPAN
6/26/2019APD-IM-19-039INFOLong Term CareCommunication to Community Based Care Providers Regarding Individually Based Limitations
6/26/2019APD-IM-19-040INFOCash PaymentsUpdates to General Assistance Application Process
6/26/2019APD-IM-19-041INFOOtherChanges/Additions to Client Index Verification Codes - night of June 28th
6/26/2019APD-PT-19-020POLICYLong Term CareImplementation of Individually Based Limitations (IBLs)
6/21/2019APD-AR-19-020ACTIONLong Term CareLTCCN Prior Authorizations for ODDS Consumers
6/21/2019APD-AR-19-033ACTIONLong Term CareBehavior Support Services Billing in MMIS
6/18/2019APD-AR-19-032ACTIONProvider InformationChanges in Ownership In Home Care Agencies
6/18/2019APD-PT-19-018POLICYLong Term CareCommunity Based & Nursing Facility Rates
6/18/2019APD-PT-19-019POLICYLong Term CareMental or Emotional Disorders (MED) Referral Process Update
6/14/2019APD-AR-19-031ACTIONMedical BenefitsAsset Verification System - Consumer Report Disclosure
6/6/2019APD-AR-19-030ACTIONProvider InformationNew In Home Care Agency
6/6/2019APD-IM-19-028INFOOtherAPD Hearings updates and APD Hearing Representative Contact Information
6/6/2019APD-IM-19-037INFOFood BenefitsSenior Farm Direct Nutrition Program
6/6/2019APD-IM-19-038INFOLong Term CareRefunds to PACE participants
5/29/2019APD-IM-19-035INFOOtherFree Dental Care for Veterans- Aspen Dental- June 8th 2019
5/29/2019APD-IM-19-036INFOLong Term CareURL, Name and other PreManage updates
5/24/2019APD-IM-19-034INFOLong Term CareUpdates to the SPAN Flowchart
5/22/2019APD-IM-19-033INFOLong Term CareRisk Assessment and Individually-based Limitations (IBL)
5/17/2019APD-IM-19-032INFOLong Term CareMandatory Webinar for case managers, D/T coordinators, and managers that supervise case managers and D/T coordinators - Wednesday 5/22/19
5/16/2019APD-AR-19-027ACTIONProvider InformationNew Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care Facilities, Adult Foster Home Specific Needs Contract
5/15/2019APD-AR-19-022ACTIONSystem IssuesMedicare ID Numbers Must Be Updated in Oregon ACCESS
5/15/2019APD-AR-19-026ACTIONOtherAction Needed to Update Authorized Representative and Alternate Payee Designation Forms
5/10/2019APD-AR-19-025ACTIONProvider InformationChanges in Names, Changes in Ownership, New Specific Needs Provider CBC Facilities
5/10/2019APD-IM-19-031INFOFood BenefitsSNAP Application Assistance from the Social Security Administration
5/10/2019APD-PT-19-017POLICYProtective ServicesTwo New APS Policies
5/7/2019APD-IM-19-029INFOContact InformationSpecific Needs Contract Vacancy Report Changes
5/7/2019APD-IM-19-030INFOFood BenefitsSenior Farm Direct Nutrition Program
4/29/2019APD-IM-19-024INFOSystem IssuesSystem Change
4/25/2019APD-AR-19-023ACTIONProvider InformationChanges in Names, Changes in Ownership CBC Facilities and In Home Agencies
4/25/2019APD-IM-19-023INFOOther2018 Statewide Case Manager Survey Results now available online
4/24/2019APD-IM-19-022INFOLong Term CareExpedited Background Checks for Homecare Workers
4/15/2019APD-IM-19-020INFOProtective ServicesCAM 3.2 System Release Effective 4/22/19 - Review Attachment
4/9/2019APD-AR-19-019ACTIONLong Term CareRisk Assessment Survey
4/5/2019APD-AR-19-018ACTIONProvider InformationNew CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership Nursing Facilities
4/5/2019APD-PT-19-015POLICYProtective ServicesNew APS Policy - Structure of APS Investigations in APD-Licensed Facilities
3/29/2019APD-IM-19-017INFOLong Term CareNew Fiscal Intermediary 'Acumen' for Independent Choices Program (ICP) participants
3/29/2019APD-PT-19-013POLICYLong Term CareIndependent Choices Program (ICP)
3/28/2019APD-IM-19-016INFOOtherChanges to the APD Receipting Solution (APDRS)
3/28/2019APD-PT-19-012POLICYCash PaymentsOAR 461-155-0670; Special Diet Allowance
3/20/2019APD-AR-19-017ACTIONProvider InformationNew CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership, Name Changes, new Specific Needs contracts, New In Home Care Agencies
3/15/2019APD-AR-19-016ACTIONContact InformationAPD Branch 5510 - Central Office Contact Information
3/15/2019APD-IM-19-010INFOMedical BenefitsCA View Reports to Identify Some Clients Affected by 3/1/19 Income Standard Updates
3/7/2019APD-AR-19-015ACTIONFood BenefitsSenior Farm Direct Nutrition Program
3/7/2019APD-PT-19-010POLICYLong Term CareExtended Waiver Eligibility (EWE) Clarifications
3/4/2019APD-IM-19-012INFOLong Term CareMandatory Webinar for case managers and managers that supervise case managers - Wednesday 3/6/19
3/4/2019APD-IM-19-013INFOOtherOregon's 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans
3/1/2019APD-IM-19-011INFOLong Term CareAdditional check runs due to office closures
2/28/2019APD-PT-19-009POLICYOtherAuthorized Representative and Alternate Payee Alignment for  All Programs
2/27/2019APD-IM-19-009INFOLong Term CareNew Publication for Individuals Receiving Medicaid or OPI Funded In-Home Services from Homecare Workers: "What You Need to Know As an Employer of a Homecare Worker"
2/22/2019APD-AR-19-013ACTIONProvider InformationNew CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership, Name Changes, new Specific Needs contracts, and Adult Day Services
2/11/2019APD-AR-19-010ACTIONMedical BenefitsIndividuals Who May be Over Income for QMB/SMB/SMF and SMB/SMF/SBI/CBI Clients Who May Qualify for QMB/SMB as of March 1st
2/11/2019APD-PT-19-005POLICYMedical BenefitsAdjusted Income Standard and Participant Fee for the Employed Persons with Disabilities (EPD) Program effective March 1, 2019
2/11/2019APD-PT-19-006POLICYMedical BenefitsAdjusted Income Standards for Medicare Savings Programs  effective March 1, 2019
2/1/2019APD-AR-19-009ACTIONOther2019 Oregon Project Independence (OPI) Fee Schedule and Consumer Hourly Rate
1/24/2019APD-AR-19-005ACTIONProvider InformationNew CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership, Name Changes, new Specific Needs contracts, and Adult Day Services
1/24/2019APD-AR-19-006ACTIONLong Term CareMandatory Webinars - 2019 schedule
1/24/2019APD-AR-19-007ACTIONMedical BenefitsAsset Verification Service
1/23/2019APD-IM-19-006INFOLong Term CareIndependent Choices Program 2019 Taxes
1/16/2019APD-AR-19-002ACTIONLong Term Care2019 Updates for PACE cases
1/16/2019APD-PT-19-001POLICYProtective ServicesNew Permanent APS Administrative Rules effective 12-27-2018
1/9/2019APD-AR-19-001ACTIONProvider InformationNew CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership, Name Changes, new Specific Needs contracts, and Adult Day Services
1/7/2019APD-IM-19-001INFOLong Term CareConsumer Satisfaction Survey for Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) of Oregon
1/7/2019APD-IM-19-002INFOLong Term CareOregon Home Care Commission Brochures
1/7/2019APD-IM-19-003INFOLong Term Care2019 Case Management Trainings