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​​What to do if your electronic benefits were stolen from your EBT card

Report suspected c​​lient or provider fraud

To report fraud of Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan programs and benefits, food benefits (SNAP), cash assistance (TANF), EBT cards, or ​child care benefits:

Report Fraud On​line​​

  • Fax your written complaint to ATTN: HOTLINE at 503-373-1525
  • Mail a written complaint:

    • For client fraud
      Investigations Unit
      PO BOX 14150
      Salem, OR 97309

    • For provider fraud
      ODHS Provider Audit Unit
      3406 Cherry Ave NE, 2nd Floor​
      Salem, OR 97303

If these methods don't work for you, you can visit a local ODHS office​ ​and ask a staff member to help you make the report.​​

Frequently asked questions

Rep​ort fraud or waste by ​​ODHS employees

To report fraud or waste by an ODHS employee, or if you suspect them of abusing financial resources or equipment, call the ODHS Employee Fraud and Waste Hotline at 503-945-5608.

Frequently asked questions about reporting fraud or abuse by ODHS Employees

What if I’m not sure this hotline is the right place to call?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the incident involve fraud, waste or abuse of state money or equipment?
  • Are Department of Human Services employees involved?

If you answer yes to both questions, please call the hotline at (503) 945-5608.

Do I need to have evidence of the fraud or waste or just suspicion?
Evidence is helpful in any investigation but not required to make a report. ODHS will utilize its resources to look into all reports.

Am I required to leave my name or phone number when I call?
No, your call can be anonymous.

If I call to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse, what information should I provide?
Specific information, including names of persons potentially involved and persons who also know about the matter; dates, times and details of the incident(s); and any documentation you or others can provide. Nonspecific reports of waste or fraud are difficult or impossible for us to investigate.