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Become a Vendor with the State of Oregon

Looking for a way to contract your business with the State of Oregon? Check out the following links to Department of Corrections (DOC) and other state requests for contracting proposals.

Purchasing and Contracts, under delegation from the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), provides for the procurement of goods and services to all DOC operations. They ensure that acquisitions follow Department and State of Oregon laws, rules, and regulations and they act as the liaison to DAS, the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General's Office, regarding procurement and contracting issues.

All state agencies, by law, must ensure that an equal opportunity is offered to all vendors. If you are interested in doing business with state agencies, visit the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website and click “Supplier Registration” to register. Visit the page’s “FAQ” link to guide you through the registration process or email the ORPIN help desk for assistance.

Business owners who have an interest in public contracts should attend the Governor’s Marketplace held in the spring, and the Reverse Vendor Show held in the fall. Business owners may also wish to register with Business Oregon by visiting the Business Oregon website or calling (503) 986-0123 for assistance.


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