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Department News and Updates

Please visit the COVID-19 Response page for updates on the novel coronavirus in Oregon Department of Corrections facilities.

Governor's Commutations: Adult in Custody Fire Crews - June 23, 2021

In recognition of their service to the State of Oregon, the Governor’s Office notified the Department of Corrections yesterday, June 22, 2021, that sentences will be commuted for some adults in custody (AICs) who worked on DOC fire crews during last year’s wildfire season. Each AIC’s eligibility was reviewed on a case-by-case basis, first by DOC and then by the Governor’s Office; the result being 41 AICs approved for sentence commutation. Provided they have acceptable housing in place, 23 AICs are scheduled to release on July 22, 2021. The remaining 18 AICs will have 12 months removed from their sentences. 

AICs who have been approved for commutation will be notified through their release counselor by the end of next week. If you do not receive notification, then you were not approved for commutation through this process.

En reconocimiento a su servicio al estado de Oregon, la Oficina de la Gobernadora notificó al Departamento de Correcciones ayer, 22 de junio de 2021, que las sentencias serán conmutadas para algunos adultos bajo custodia (AIC) que trabajaron en los equipos de bomberos del DOC durante la temporada de incendios forestales del año pasado. La elegibilidad de cada AIC fue revisada caso por caso, primero por el DOC y luego por la Oficina de la Gobernadora; el resultado fue 41 AIC aprobados para la conmutación de pena. Siempre que tengan una vivienda aceptable en su lugar, está programada la liberación de 23 AIC el 22 de julio de 2021. A los 18 AIC restantes se les quitarán 12 meses de sus sentencias.

Los AIC que hayan sido aprobados para la conmutación serán notificados a través de su consejero de liberación a fines de la próxima semana. Si no recibe la notificación, entonces no fue aprobado para la conmutación a través de este proceso.

Previous News and Updates

Correctional Communication Systems Name Change - November 25, 2020

"The name CenturyLink Public Communications, Inc. has formally been changed to ICS Corrections, Inc. (“ICI"). Although our name may have changed, we at ICI will continue serving the Oregon DOC community with superior dedication and customer support as we have always worked to provide in the past." 

Please note: As of December 1, 2020, the Century Link website will no longer be available. Please go to to access the Oregon DOC specific CCS information.

You do not need to take any action. This change will not alter the services that are currently provided or impact the accounts you have already established to communicate through the correctional communication systems.

Collection of Court Ordered Financial Obligations - September 22, 2020

As a part of ORS 423.105, Court Ordered Financial Obligations (COFOs) are set to begin collecting on October 1, 2020. These collections were previously delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This notice has been provided to adults in custody (AICs) and posted here to inform AIC friends and family that COFO collections will no longer be delayed.

How will the implementation of ORS 423.105 affect Adults in Custody?

Beginning October 1, 2020, per statute, 15% will be deducted from each eligible deposit and distributed as follows:
  • 5% is deposited into Transitional Savings until the account reaches $500. 
  • 10% is collected for Court Ordered Financial Obligations (COFOs).
    • Once the Transitional Savings account has reached $500, the entire 15% will be collected for COFOs, until satisfied.
    • Once COFOs have been satisfied, AICs may choose to continue to deposit 5% from each eligible deposit into Transitional Savings.
  • Deductions from eligible deposits will cease once (1) Transitional Savings has reached the $500 threshold and (2) COFOs are satisfied.

What is an eligible deposit?

Eligible deposits are moneys deposited in an AIC trust account including, but not limited to, AIC performance monetary awards (PRAS) and moneys received from an AIC’s family members or friends. Eligible deposits do not include protected moneys.

**The Department of Corrections (DOC) does not have detailed information about these debts, as they are statutory collections made on behalf of the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD). General questions can be emailed to DOC Financial Services.**