​Affiliated Boards

In addition to the public meetings and processes of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, HECC agency staff are responsible for supporting several affiliated boards with regular public meetings. For all the entities below, meetings are posted on the Oregon Transparency site and public meeting details are posted on their websites (links below).

Oregon Youth Co​rps Advisory Committee 

Oregon Volunteers Commission (Commission for Voluntary Action and Service)

  • The Oregon Volunteers Commission, also known as the Oregon Commission for Voluntary Action & Service, is a Governor-appointed commission that advises and supports the work of Oregon Volunteers. Oregon Volunteers promotes and supports AmeriCorps, volunteerism, and civic engagement activities statewide to strengthen Oregon communities. The Oregon Volunteer Commission meetings are public and supported by staff of the HECC Office of Workforce Investments.​

Private Career School Advisory Committee  ​

STEM Investment Council  ​

  • Cr​eated in 2013, Oregon’s STEM Investment Council has a legislative mandate to guide the Chief Education Officer in the development and implementation of a long-term strategy to advance the state’s STEM goals. The STEM Investment Council holds regular public meetings.  Effective July 1, 2018, the support of the council transitioned from the Chief Education Office to the HECC Office of Workforce Investments.​

Oregon Workforce and Talent Development Board (WTDB)  ​

  • ​​The Oregon Workforce and Talent Development Board is the overall advisory board to the Governor on workforce policy and plans. Appointed by the Governor under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the mission of the WTDB is to advise the Governor and contribute to Oregon’s economic success by: aligning state workforce policy and resources with education and economic development, promoting Oregon’s talent development system; and holding the workforce system accountable for results. The WTDB holds regular public meetings and is supported by staff of the HECC  Office of Workforce Investments.​ The HECC workforce investment programs and activities are strategically guided by both the WTDB and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.