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Oregon GED Option Program and Testing Information for Students Ages 16-17

Oregon High School Equivalency Program logoThe Oregon GED Option Program is designed for in-school students ages 16-17 who wish to take the GED® test. It provides an opportunity for individuals in this age group to pursue their GED® credential while still attending school. 

GED Option Program

The program is available for students ages 16-17 who are currently enrolled in school. More details can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website link below. 
GED Option Program (for in-school students ages 16-17)

Required Documentation for GED® Testing for 16- and 17-Year-Olds in Oregon

In Oregon, students ages 16-17 may take the GED® tests under certain conditions. Please see the table below to learn what documentation, if any, is required depending on your status.

Documentation Required
Next Steps
Enrolled in a GED Option Program

Have Parent/Guardian approval
(opportunity resulting from the passage of HB 3068 in 2023)
Have parent/guardian fill out approval form (Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Oregon GED Testing for 16- and 17- year olds) and email to Alternative Education Options Specialist, Annie Marges at
Eligible homeless youth
Contact GED Administrator ™ Adrienne Ochs at
Legally emancipated minor
Take legal documentation to testing center
Take legal documentation to testing center

Implementation Plan for House Bill 3068 (2023)

Oregon legislation passed in 2023 (House Bill 3068) grants 16- and 17-year-old students the opportunity, with the consent of a parent or legal guardian, to take the Oregon high school equivalency test, commonly known as the GED® test. The steps are as follows.

  1. Download Consent Form: Parents/guardians should begin by downloading the Parental/Guardian Consent Form for Oregon GED® Testing for 16- and 17-year-olds. This form is housed on the Oregon Department of Education website. 
  2. Submit Consent Form: After completing and signing the consent form, parents/guardians should return it to Annie Marges, the Alternative Education Options Specialist, via email at
  3. Approval Process: The Alternative Education Options Specialist will review and approve the Consent Form, assuming all information is accurate.
  4. Lift Hold and Alert: Within five business days of approval, the Alternative Education Options Specialist will lift the "Authorized to test" hold and the "Age" alert in the GED Manager portal. 
  5. Schedule GED® Test(s): Once the hold and alert have been lifted, underage testers will have the ability to schedule their GED® tests.


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