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Private Postsecondary

Private Career Schools (PCS) Licensing unit

Private Career Schools provide specialized training and certificate opportunities for students with specific career focuses, in fields as diverse as computer technology, cosmetology, health care, real estate and business.

The Private Career School (PCS) unit licenses these schools to provide training and certificate programs to students in Oregon. For more information on authorities, see Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules, specifically ORS 345 and OAR 715-045.

In this Section:

Find Forms and Procedures for New Licensing or Renewal of Private Career Schools
See Lists of Currently Licensed Oregon Private Career Schools by field.

Also see Student Resources for:

​Private Career Schools Advisory Committee

Private Career School Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Director of Private Postsecondary Education with respect to the quality and character of education provided by the private career schools in Oregon. It is convened as needed by the Director of Private Postsecondary Education, and quarterly meetings are regularly scheduled.