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  1. Obtain an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recreational shellfish license
    • An ODFW license is required to recreationally harvest molluscan shellfish for those 12 years or older.
    • Limits and open areas may change. Check for information about ODFW licenses online.

  2. Call the shellfish safety hotline to verify the harvest area is not closed due to biotoxins.

  3. Contact ODFW to verify the harvest area is not closed due to an ODFW conservation closure. ODFW issues a conservation closure each year from July 15th to September 31st to protect newly set razor clams, but other closures may occur.

  4. Review the ODFW shellfish regulations online that apply to the Pacific Ocean, coastal bays, and beaches. For complete information, Sport Fishing Regulations books may be obtained at ODFW offices and wherever licenses are sold.

  5. Plan ahead and review safe handling and consumption guidelines.

ODFW conservation closures

Phone: 503-947-6000
Toll-free: 800-720-6339


For Consumers: Shellfish Handling, Storing, and Cooking

From the Washington Department of Health. Safe handling, storing, and cooking of shellfish

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Shellfish License

ODFW shellfish license information

Oregon Parks and Recreation coast trail maps

Oregon coast trail maps

Oregon Razor Clams

ODFW razor clamming tips

Recreational Shellfish Regulations

ODFW crabbing and clamming recreation update

Recreational Shellfish What's Open

ODFW recreation report

Where to Dig Bay Clams

ODFW bay clam dig locations



Main Office
635 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-986-4720
Shellfish Safety Hotline
Shellfish Safety Hotline
635 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 800-448-2474
Alt Phone: 503-986-4728