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In 1989, the state legislature directed the State Forester to establish a Smoke Management Advisory Committee to provide advice and assistance to the Oregon Department of Forestry Smoke Management program. The membership of the committee consists of an industrial forestland owner representative, a non-industrial forestland owner representative, and public representative, a Forest Service representative, and a Bureau of Land Management representative. Each representative serves for two year terms that are renewable after the two year period.

Committee members gather for public meetings in Salem twice a year to discuss and provide advice to the Smoke Management program regarding current prescribed burning and smoke intrusion trends, program fund balance, implementation plan items, and other current issues and projects of the program.

Oregon's Smoke Management Plan is periodically reviewed and will be reviewed in 2017. Learn more: 2017 Smoke Management Program Review Committee.​

​​Meeting​ information


Gregory McClarren - Chair (public representative)

Kyle Williams​ (industrial forest landowner representative)

Scott Hanson (non-industrial forest landowner representative)

Rick Graw (Forest Service representative)

Jason Simmons (Bureau of Land Management representative)​



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Smoke Management Program
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