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Camping on Oregon's state forests

Explore Oregon's state forest campgrounds

Campgrounds are more than just a place to hang your hat for the night. They're a place to share, learn, and relax with friends and family. A place where you can leave a busy week behind and settle into nature. Their rustic feel allows you to turn off and tune in to the rich forests surrounding both drive-up and walk-in sites, and the scenery reintroduces you to everything we love about Oregon.

ODF offers three types of camping opportunities: Developed campgrounds, designated campsites outside of regular campgrounds, and dispersed camping.

Campgrounds are first come, first served, except:

Fee information

Please review the information board at your favorite campground to learn about fees and other rule changes.

  • Drive-in campsite:       $20 per night (includes two vehicles)
  • Walk-in tent site:         $15 per night (includes two vehicles)
  • Designated campsite:  $5 per vehicle per night

Camping information

All ODF-managed forestland is open on the Clatsop and Tillamook state forests for recreation, as well as state-owned forestland outside of those forests. The Santiam State Forest remains closed to the public due to extensive damage from 2020 wildfires, except the Crooked Finger OHV area is open.

Throughout the year, some sites and areas may be closed due to fire danger. To keep up to date on restrictions visit ODF's Fire Restrictions page.​​​

​As general rules:
  • Don't camp within 25 feet of a river or stream.
  • Check ​open ​fire restrictions​ during fire season.
  • Don't clear your own campsite or disrupt the natural environment.
  • Pack out what you pack in. Take all garbage with you when there are no garbage recepticles.
  • Don't deposit human waste within 100 feet of any campsite, trail or body of water.
  • No fireworks.
  • Animals must be on 6 foot leash at all times and animal waste must be disposed of properly.​
  • Limit of 8 people and 2 vehicles per campsite​ (except in designated group campsites). ​See OAR 629, Division 25​​ for a complete list of rules and regulations affecting camping on ​Oregon State Forests.​​​​

Camping in fee campgrounds

ODF offers several developed campgrounds in Northwest Oregon. These campgrounds offer amentities like picnic tables, toilets, potable water, and fire rings, and charge a fee for staying overnight.

Camping in designated campsites

Designated campsites are those that are signed and numbered and have been improved by installing a ​metal fire grate. Unless prohibited by the Forester due to fire danger, campfires are permitted in these areas during fire season. Campers are required to completely extinguish all campfires before leaving the site. Never leave a campfire unattended.

Dispersed camping

Dispersed camping is allowed in Oregon State Forests year round. There are no fee or permit requirements. Campers are required to adhere to ODF regulations regarding placement of campsites, campfires, sanitation, and stay limits. Campfires and charcoal barbeques are not allowed in dispersed campsites during the Regulated Use portion of fire season. There are no maps for dispersed campsites.​​

Camping for disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans with a valid Veteran's Special Access Pass (issued by Oregon State Parks​) may camp in the forest up to 10 days per month for free.

Camping for active-duty military

Active-duty military personnel with a valid military ID may camp for free on Memorial Day and July 4th.​

Find a camping area

The Santiam State Forest remains closed due to damage from 2020 wildfires and windstorms, with the exception of Crooked Finger OHV Area. Check back here periodically for updates on the status of recreation sites in the Santiam. Learn more about damage to the Santiam and ODF's vision for restoration.

After a year of closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ODF Recreation, Education and Interpretation Program has reopened all campgrounds on the Clatsop and Tillamook forests. However, as health directives and campground conditions change, campgrounds may again be closed in accordance with needs for health and safety. Please continue to monitor this page for the most current updates. For additional information, view the State Forests Recreation Frequently Asked Questions.

Type in the search box or filter for a particular state forest. View the state forestsland map.

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