Target shooting is a recreational activity enjoyed by many Oregonians. While shooting activity is permitted on state forestlands, ODF does not maintain any designated shooting areas.

Please select your shooting area with care and follow state regulations, which are enforced by local law enforcement. Target shooters are also encouraged to reduce the risk of wildfire by only shooting into a backstop of mineral soil and having the required fire extinguisher (or shovel and water) ready at hand. After shooting, be sure to check the target area for any signs of fire.

For more specific information about recreation on the Tillamook State Forest, visit the Tillamook State Forest blog.

  • Targets must be either commercially manufactured or home manufactured paper targets.
  • A solid backstop such as an earth embankment is required.
  • Shooting at garbage and glass is prohibited.
  • Target shooting is prohibited between dusk and dawn.
  • Exploding targets such as tannerite are prohibited.
  • You are responsible for removing all of your targets, shells and related debris.
Forest Operation Areas Status Comments
Beaver Dam/Browns Camp Rock Pit


​N. Fork Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes


​ONE DAY CLOSURE - November 25, 2019

ALL of the N. Fork Wolf Creek Target Shooting Lanes will be closed from 6:00 AM - NOON for a volunteer trash clean-up.

​Rock Creek Ridge Pit ​CLOSED

The Rock Creek Ridge Pit is CLOSED to all Public Use, seven days a week until further notice.

This closure is to ensure the safety of people working on timber sales and road building in the woods in close proximity to the rock pit.