Visit our COVID-19 Response: ODF updates/closures page for more information about camping, day-use areas, trails (including OHV),​ and target shooting.​​

Explore Oregon's State Forests 

From trails and campgrounds, to day-use areas, wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing, state forestlands provide a unique connection to the land. Whether you set out on a trail on horseback, wheels, or your own two feet, state forests offer one-of-a-kind recreation opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Remember these are your forests, enjoy and help keep them clean. Leave No Trace and​​​ offers tips on minimizing your impact while recreating.​​

Summer recreation and fire prevention video

Link from above video: Local restrictions and closures on ODF-protected forestlands​

Recreation guides

More information on the Tillamook State Forest

Visit the Tillamook State Forest blog and the ​Tillamook Forest Center.​

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