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News, Facts, & Statistics

This page provides links to DMV-related facts, news releases, newsletters, statistics, laws and regulations.

DMV makes every effort to keep the information on this site accurate and up to date, however, there may be time lags due to resource constraints that render information invalid or out of date for a short period of time.

Current Wait Times for Vehicle Titles

Use the chart below to see how long it will take DMV to process your transaction. Thank you for your patience while we work to address the backlog and reduce these timelines. Preparing to send in a title transaction? Make sure all your paper work is complete and that required documents and fees are included. Missing or wrong information will cause additional delays. Check out the Titling and Registering Your Vehicle page for more instructions. 

How long will it take to process?
Oregon and Out of State Titles
2 - 5 weeks
Response Letters with Requested Missing Title Requirements
1 weeks
Oregon Replacement Titles
1 week
Oregon Mailed-In Dealer Titles
3 weeks
Note: The timelines above reflect the oldest transaction on file at DMV. This does not mean that all transactions after this date are waiting. Some transactions will be processed faster.