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Oregon Driver Manual - Table of Contents

Oregon Driver Manual - Online Edition

The purpose of the Oregon Driver Manual is to help drivers prepare for Oregon licensing tests by providing a summary of rules of the road and safe driving practices.

This manual condenses and paraphrases selected language in the Oregon Revised Statutes. It also provides safety recommendations not included in law. This manual is not a source of law and should not  be relied upon or cited as legal precedent in a court of law or other administrative or legal proceeding. Local governments may have additional ordinances not covered in this manual.

To operate a motor vehicle on highways or premises open to the public in Oregon, you must possess a valid driving privilege. This manual only addresses requirements for obtaining a Class C non-commercial driving privilege.

While you may take the Oregon Knowledge Test as many times as you need, it is highly recommended that you study and review the Oregon Driver Manual to ensure you pass the Knowledge Test the first time! For more information on our Pass/Fail rates, please visit our Statistics page.

Note: This manual is available in audio format in English and Spanish, and in PDF form, also in English or Spanish. In order to view important illustrations and diagrams, we recommend you use the online manual along with the audio version.