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Oregon Driver Manual - Testing


Online content may be different from the printed version of the manual.  This online version is the most current version. The pdf version will be the same as the printed version.

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For an original driving privilege, DMV will test your vision, driving knowledge and driving skill. Every time you take a test, you must pay the test fee and present proof of identity and date of birth. However, before DMV can issue a driving privilege, proof of identity, date of birth, and current residence address is required. You may take tests at most DMV offices. You must pay your test fee separate from any other fees. 

Vision Test

DMV will test your eyesight to confirm you can see well enough to drive safely. If you take the test while wearing glasses or contact lenses, your driving privilege will indicate that corrective lenses are required. If you do not pass the vision test, DMV will give you a form to take to a licensed vision specialist.

Knowledge Tests

Class C Knowledge Test

This manual includes all the information necessary to pass this test. The test includes questions about road signs, traffic laws, and other information a driver needs to know. It has 35 multiple-choice questions. You must answer 28 questions correctly to receive a passing score. The fee for taking this test is $5.

Rules and Guidelines for Knowledge Tests

  • You will need to make an appointment to take a knowledge test. Go to to schedule an appointment.
  • Only those being tested and authorized translators are allowed in the testing area.
  • Knowledge tests are given on a touch-screen monitor. The test is available in several languages, with or without audio assistance. You may bring your own earbuds or headphones for the test.
  • You cannot use a DMV manual or any notes to help you answer test questions. With permission, you may use a paper foreign language translation dictionary.
  • If it is determined that you are cheating, you will fail your test. You will not be allowed to test again for 90 days. The following is considered cheating: talking, writing or note taking, cell phone use, operation of any electronic devices, or allowing someone else to take a test for you.
  • If you fail a knowledge test, you must wait at least one day before trying again. If you fail a test four or more times, you must wait at least 28 days before taking it again.
  • If you require a special accommodation to take a knowledge test, please contact your local office.

Drive Test

During the drive (behind-the-wheel) test, you will demonstrate your driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules, highway signs, and signals. The test includes turning, backing up, parking, lane changes, speed control, signaling, vehicle control, and general driving ability. The examiner will sit in the front seat and give you directions. After the test, the examiner will discuss the results with you.

DMV may waive the drive test if:

  • You are a new resident surrendering an out-of-state license that is valid or expired less than one year.
  • You completed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education Course within the past two years and present a course completion card.

Drive tests are conducted by appointment only. DMV requires you to show valid proof of insurance for your vehicle before the drive test or you will have to reschedule the test. The fee for taking this test is $9.

Rules and Guidelines for Drive Tests

  • Only you and the examiner are allowed in the vehicle during a drive test. Translators, family, friends, or pets are not allowed.
  • Remove weapons from your vehicle before taking a drive test.
  • Turn off any electronic devices in your vehicle, including the radio and your cell phone.
  • Remove objects from the dashboard and rearview mirror.
  • If you fail the drive test, you must wait until the next business day before retaking the test.

Test Vehicle

The examiner will determine if the vehicle being used has the equipment required for the test. If your vehicle does not pass the equipment check, you will have to reschedule the drive test. Vehicle equipment that must be in working order for the test includes:

  • The vehicle starts under its own power
  • Turn signals (front and back)
  • Brake lights
  • Horn
  • Passenger door opens and closes with handle from inside and outside
  • Proper, secure and reasonably clean passenger seat
  • Seatbelts
  • Tires are not bald or damaged
  • Muffler has no excessive leaks or unreasonable noise
  • Display valid registration
  • Side view or rearview mirrors
  • Nothing may obstruct the driver’s or examiner’s view to the front, side or rear of the vehicle
If weather conditions require, your vehicle must have traction tires or chains, windshield wipers, headlights, taillights and a window defroster.

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