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Reporting an Unsafe Driver

How to Report an Unsafe Driver

If you feel that someone you know is no longer able to drive a vehicle safely, complete a Driver Evaluation Request.

Things to Remember When Reporting an Unsafe Driver

  • Please include examples of their unsafe driving or any medical conditions that may affect their driving.
  • Age, diagnosis, or medication alone does not show that a driver is unsafe. Drivers of any age can develop impairments that affect driving.

What Happens After DMV Receives a Report

We will review the request to determine the next step:

  • Often we require the driver to complete a re-exam of driving knowledge and skills.
  • Sometimes, we send the driver a medical or vision certificate asking for more information from a physician or eye care specialist.
  • Rarely, if we determine that the driver is a threat to public safety, we may suspend his or her license immediately.


You can ask that your report be confidential. DMV will not release your identity or the contents of the report unless it is needed in a court room setting. 

If you have questions or need more information see FAQs below, contact the DMV Driver Safety Unit at 503-945-5083503-945-5083, or submit an online inquiry

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