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Dealer Complaints


The DMV Business Regulation section handles complaints about vehicle dealers, such as:

  • Dealer didn’t provide the title or plates and stickers in a timely manner;
  • Dealer didn’t provide all of the documents necessary to transfer the title;
  • Dealer didn’t pay off lienholders;
  • Dealer didn’t pay off consignors within 10 days of sale; or
  • Dealer is selling vehicles from an unlicensed location.

Although DMV can’t give legal advice, the information below may help with some common problems resulting from an Oregon dealer going out of business. For example:

  • You paid in full for a vehicle but the dealer didn’t give you the title;
  • You finished making payments to the dealer but they didn’t give you the title with their release; or
  • You were making payments to the dealer for a vehicle but you can’t find them to finish paying.

In situations like these, you can:

  • Check the status of the dealer's business license and obtain owner information from the DMV Business Regulation section's online files;
  • File a complaint (see below) with the DMV Business Regulation section against the dealer. DMV Business Regulation may not be able to take action against a dealer who is no longer in business, but they do keep complaints on file.
  • Apply for a title and registration for the vehicle if you can’t contact the owner of the dealership or they can’t help you.

DMV Business Regulation does not handle vehicle purchase related complaints such as:

  • I bought a vehicle from a dealer and there are mechanical problems with it;
  • I found out that the car I bought has been totaled and reconstructed, but the dealer won’t give me my money back;
  • I bought a vehicle from a dealership and they are refusing to honor the warranty;
  • The dealer wants me to sign a new contract because the original financing did not go through.

For these types of complaints you may contact the Oregon Department of Justice for assistance.

Also, DMV Business Regulation does not handle auto safety related complaints such as:

  • Vehicle safety concerns;
  • Vehicle equipment defects and failures;
  • Air bags and child safety seats; or
  • Vehicle recalls.

For these types of complaints and inquiries you may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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