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I-5: Rose Quarter Improvement Project

Planning Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Multnomah)

​​​​We are continuing to study and design improvements to I-5 between I-84 and I-405 in Portland. View the full project website for more information.​


Meetings and Events

All project committee meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend a virtual meeting but cannot attend by phone or computer, or you require language accommodations, please contact the project team at 503-470-3127 at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

We invite you to share specific meeting comme​nts by calling us at 503-470-3127. Comments received by 11 AM the business day before the meeting will be shared with project committee members in advance. All comments received will be added to the meeting record. 

You will also have an opportunity to provide comments during the meeting for up to two minutes by phone. 

Meetings are virtual in response to Governor Brown's directive on physical distancing measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of exposure to our communities. 


​​​​​The project team continues to intentionally listen, inform, and engage with communities of color, especially the historic Albina community, the primary community displaced by past public and private development decisions. We will continue to be transparent and inclusive engagement will be a central feature of the project through design and construction.​



I-5 is the main north-south route moving people and goods and connecting population centers across the West Coast of the United States from Mexico to Canada. In the Portland region between I-84 and I-405, I-5 is critical for truck freight and businesses moving goods, commuters traveling to and from Portland, and locals traveling within the region.

​The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project will make travel more predictable and safer for people driving and transporting goods on I-5 between I-84 and I-405 by adding auxiliary lanes and shoulders that smooth traffic flow. The project includes a highway cover to reconnect the historic Albina neighborhood and street improvements that enhance safety and access for people walking, rolling, biking, riding transit and driving on local streets. The project will support the regional economy, future economic development and a more connected Albina community. Project improvements include:

  • New ramp-to-ramp lanes (auxiliary lanes) and shoulders along I-5 to reduce weaving and merging, improve safety and smooth traffic flow between I-84 and I-405.
  • Highway cover over I-5 that will create new community spaces and enhance safety and connections for people walking, rolling, riding transit, biking and driving on local streets.
  • Relocation of the southbound I-5 off-ramp to south of Weidler at NE Wheeler Avenue to provide more and better space for people walking and rolling and support local street and neighborhood connections on the highway cover.
  • Upgrades to bicycle and pedestrian facilities on the local street network in the vicinity of the Broadway-Weidler interchange to improve accessibility and safety.

Project Benefits

This project will improve community connections by redesigning overpasses, reconnecting neighborhood streets and enhancing public spaces. These improvements will:

  • provide more time and space to merge on I-5 for smoother traffic flow Save drivers nearly 2.5 million hours of travel time per year on I-5 in the Rose Quarter.
  • improve safety for travelers and reduce frequent crashes by up to 50%
  • upgrade I-5 shoulders allowing emergency responders to move to and through the corridor
  • create new land for neighborhood street connections and redevelopment opportunities
  • knit neighborhoods together through a local Green Loop connection – a carbon-free way to navigate the city
  • create additional sidewalks and bike paths providing many options for safer travel for people walking and rolling
  • maximize Disadvantaged Business Enterprises contracting opportunities, estimated at $160 million
  • Support economic opportunities that honor the local communities' needs and provide the potential for wealth creation

    Please call us at 503-470-3127 with questions about contract opportunities.
Project values include:
  • Restorative Justice for the Albina Community
  • Community Input & Transparent Decision Making
  • Mobility Focused
  • Climate Action & Improved Public Health​


Advisory committees oversee and provide direction for the project. Committee members' expertise reflects diverse professional backgrounds, including minority-owned firms, advocacy groups, workforce development organizations, industry associations and community-based organizations. Some members are leaders and volunteers with strong ties to historic Albina with a wide array of civic and community interests. All members have a strong record of advocating for people, particularly people of color and other diverse groups.

We welcome community members and invite them to comment at the beginning of the meetings for the following committees.

Community Oversight Advisory Committee

The Community Oversight Advisory Committee advises ODOT on decisions about minority-owned and disadvantaged business enterprise contracting requirements and on-the-job training opportunities. They also oversee development and implementation of the Diversity Plan and progress toward program goals.

Historic Albina Advisory Board

The Historic Albina Advisory Board was created to elevate Black voices, particularly those connected to the Albina neighborhood's historically displaced individuals and businesses. The 13-member board, composed entirely of Black and Brown community leaders, represents a wide array of civic and community interests. They provide recommendations on highway cover design, community connections, and partnership opportunities supporting redevelopment and wealth creation. 

​Did you know?

  • I-5 between I-84 and I-405 is the top traffic bottleneck in Oregon and the 28th worst bottleneck in the nation as of 2021.
  • This section of I-5 has 3.5 times more crashes than the statewide average and some of the highest traffic volumes in the State.
  • I-5 in the Rose Quarter has traffic congestion for 12 hours each day. As congestion and safety issues increase, travel on I-5 between I-84 and I-405 becomes less reliable for drivers and freight movement.
  • The highway lacks full shoulders in many spots, making it difficult to clear accidents and tough for emergency vehicles to respond quickly.
  • Some of the project area is challenging to navigate for people walking, rolling, and biking. Many of the local streets lack neighborhood connections and are undersized or incomplete.


I-5 | ​I-5 between the I-405 and I-84 interchanges

Cost and Funding

Partial funding for design and construction phases was provided in HB 2017. The legislature authorized $30 million per year, beginning in January 2022, for the Project based on the estimated project cost of approximately $450 to $500 million (in 2017 dollars). 

To meet Section 27c requirements of Oregon's HB2017, the Project provided a cost-t​o-complete (CTC) report to the Legislature on January 23, 2020.

On September 9, 2021, the total project cost increased with approval of the Hybrid 3 design concept which expands the length and width of the cover to allow for more buildings on top –  up between $500 million and $750 million. Those costs were preliminary (based a 5% design concept) and were expected to change based on further design and technical analysis from the project team.

One of the conditions of approval of the Hybrid 3 design concept outlined by the Oregon Transportation Commission was that ODOT must develop a finance plan to be delivered to the Commission in January that includes:

  • an estimate of the amount of dedicated funding needed to build the project;
  • a viable plan to secure that dedicated funding from federal, state and/or the City of Portland, Metro, Multnomah County, TriMet and other organizations in Portland

The project team is on track to deliver the draft finance plan to the Oregon Transportation Commission as they have requested. That plan includes refined cost estimates and the federal, state and local funding sources that will provide the financing needed to cover the full cost of the project. This is a conceptual finance plan, intended to kick off the financial planning process for the project. ​


​Hamilton/Sundt a Joint Venture in Association with Raimore Construction LLC.

Additional Information

Questions? Just ask! Call us at 503-470-3127​​

For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation services, interpretation services, or more information, call 503-731-4128 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1.

Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.

Nếu quý vị muốn thông tin về dự án này được dịch sang tiếng Việt, xin gọi 503-731-4128.

Если вы хотите чтобы информация об этом проекте была переведена на русский язык, пожалуйста, звоните по телефону 503-731-4128.



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Project Documents

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19071_I5_RQ_05.02_Historic-Resources-Technical-Report_Appendix-A.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Historic Resources Technical Report Appendix A
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19071_I5_RQ_06.01_Traffic-Technical-Report.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Traffic Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_06.02_Traffic-Technical-Report_Appendix-A.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Traffic Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_06.03_Traffic-Technical-Report_Appendix-B.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Traffic Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_06.04_Traffic-Technical-Report_Appendix-C.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Traffic Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_06.05_Traffic-Technical-Report_Appendix-D.pdfI-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project Traffic Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_07.01_Transportation-Modeling-Data-Synchro-Reports.pdfTransportation Modeling Data - Synchro Reports
19071_I5_RQ_07.02_Transportation-Modeling-Data-VISSIM-Intersection-Results.pdfTransportation Modeling Data - VISSIM Intersection Results
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19071_I5_RQ_08.01_Preliminary-Design-Draft.pdfPreliminary Civil Design Plan
19071_I5_RQ_09.01_Air-Quality-Climate-Change-Modeling-Data-Emissions.pdfAir Quality Climate Change Modeling Data Emissions
19071_I5_RQ_11.01_Supporting-Documents-OTC-Joint-Letter_03.27.20.pdfSupporting Documents - OTC Joint Letter
19071_I5_RQ_11.02_Supporting-Documents-OTC-Governor-Brown-Letter_12.16.19_.pdfSupporting Documents - OTC Governor Brown Letter
19071_I5_RQ_11.03_Supporting-Documents-2018-Oregon-Air-Quality-Annual-Report.pdfSupporting Documents - 2018 Oregon Air Quality Annual Report
19071_I5_RQ_11.04_Supporting-Documents-Traffic-Model-Meeting-Notes-07.18.2017.pdfSupporting Documents - Traffic Model Meeting Notes
19071_I5_RQ_11.05_Supporting-Documents-Albina-Vision_EA_Comment_Letter_03.29.2019.pdfSupporting Documents - Albina Vision EA Comment Letter
19071_I5_RQ_11.06_Supporting-Documents-Broadway-Air-Quality-Report.pdfSupporting Documents - Broadway Air Quality Report
19071_I5_RQ_11.07_Supporting-Documents-City of Portland_EA_Comments-04.01.2019.pdfSupporting Documents - City of Portland EA Comments
19071_I5_RQ_11.08_Supporting-Documents-Foster-Air-Quality-Report.pdfSupporting Documents - Foster Air Quality Report
19071_I5_RQ_11.09_Supporting-Documents-ODOT-PBOT-Mtg-Notes_02.08.2017.pdfSupporting Documents - ODOT-PBOT Mtg Notes 02.08.2017
19071_I5_RQ_11.10_Supporting-Documents-I5RQ-Values-and-Outcomes-04.10.2020.pdfSupporting Documents - I5RQ Values and Outcomes 04.10.2020
19071_I5_RQ_11.11_Supporting-Documents-PPS-Public-Comment-03.29.2019.pdfSupporting Documents - PPS Public Comment 03.29.2019
19071_I5_RQ_11.12_Supporting-Documents-Metro-Comment-Letter03.29.2019.pdfSupporting Documents - Metro Comment Letter 03.29.2019
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19071_I5_RQ_12.01_Technical_Report_Archaeology.pdfArchaeology Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_12.02_Technical_Report_Archaeology_Appendix_A.pdfArchaeology Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_12.03_Technical_Report_Archaeology_Appendix_B.pdfArchaeology Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_12.04_Technical_Report_Archaeology_Appendix_C.pdfArchaeology Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_13.01_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_13.02_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials_Appendix_A.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_13.03_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials_Appendix_B.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_13.04_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials_Appendix_C.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_13.05_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials_Appendix_D.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_13.06_Technical_Report_Hazardous_Materials_Appendix_E.pdfHazardous Materials Technical Report Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_14.01_Technical-Report-Land-Use.pdfLand Use Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_14.02_Technical-Report-Land-Use_Appendix_A.pdfLand Use Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_14.03_Technical-Report-Land-Use_Appendix_B.pdfLand Use Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_14.04_Technical-Report-Land-Use-Appendix_C.pdfLand Use Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_14.05_Technical-Report-Land-Use-Appendix_D.pdfLand Use Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_15.01_Technical-Report-Water-Resources.pdfWater Resources Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_15.02_Technical-Report-Water-Resources-Appendix-A.pdfWater Resources Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_15.03_Technical-Report-Water-Resources-Appendix-B.pdfWater Resources Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_15.04_Technical-Report-Water-Resources-Appendix-C.pdfWater Resources Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_15.05_Technical-Report-Water-Resources-Appendix-D.pdfWater Resources Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_15.06_Technical-Report-Water-Resources-Appendix-E.pdfWater Resources Technical Report Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_16.01_Technical-Report-Right-of-Way.pdfRight of Way Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_16.02_Technical-Report-Right-of-Way-Appendix-A.pdfRight of Way Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_16.03_Technical-Report-Right-of-Way-Appendix-B.pdfRight of Way Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_16.04_Technical-Report-Right-of-Way-Appendix-C.pdfRight of Way Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_17.01_Technical_Report_Section4f.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_17.02_Technical_Report_Section4f-Appendix-A.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_17.03_Technical_Report_Section4f-Appendix-B.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_17.04_Technical_Report_Section4f-Appendix-C.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_17.05_Technical_Report_Section4f-Appendix-D.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_17.06_Technical_Report_Section4f-Appendix-E.pdfSection 4(f) Technical Report Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_18.01_Technical-Report-Socioeconomic.pdfSocioeconomics Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_18.02_Technical-Report-Socioeconomic-Appendix-A.pdfSocioeconomics Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_18.03_Technical-Report-Socioeconomic-Appendix-B.pdfSocioeconomics Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_19.01_Technical-Report-Environmental-Justice.pdfEnvironmental Justice Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_19.02_Technical-Report-Environmental-Justice-Appendix-A.pdfEnvironmental Justice Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_19.03_Technical-Report-Environmental-Justice-Appendix-B.pdfEnvironmental Justice Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_20.01_Technical-Report-Utilities.pdfUtilities Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_20.02_Technical-Report-Utilities-Appendix-A.pdfUtilities Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_20.03_Technical-Report-Utilities-Appendix-B.pdfUtilities Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_20.04_Technical-Report-Utilities-Appendix-C.pdfUtilities Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_20.05_Technical-Report-Utilities-Appendix-D.pdfUtilities Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_20.06_Technical-Report-Utilities-Appendix-E.pdfUtilities Technical Report Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_21.01_Technical-Report-Access.pdfAccess Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_21.02_Technical-Report-Access-Appendix-A.pdfAccess Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_21.03_Technical-Report-Access-Appendix-B.pdfAccess Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_21.04_Technical-Report-Access-Appendix-C.pdfAccess Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_22.01_Technical-Report-Active.pdfActive Transportation Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_22.02_Technical-Report-Active-Appendix-A.pdfActive Transportation Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_23.01_Technical-Report-Safety.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_23.02_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-A.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_23.03_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-B.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_23.04_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-C.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_23.05_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-D.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_23.06_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-E.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_23.07_Technical-Report-Safety-Appendix-F.pdfTransportation Safety Technical Report Appendix F
19071_I5_RQ_24.01_Technical-Report-Transit.pdfTransit Technical Report
19071_I5_RQ_24.02_Technical-Report-Transit-Appendix-A.pdfTransit Technical Report Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_25.01_FHWA-Final-Decision-Document_10.30.2020.pdfFHWA Final Decision Document 10.30.2020
19071_I5_RQ_26.01_20percent-Design-Narrative.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative
19071_I5_RQ_26.02_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-A.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix A
19071_I5_RQ_26.03_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-B.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix B
19071_I5_RQ_26.04_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-C.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix C
19071_I5_RQ_26.05_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-D.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix D
19071_I5_RQ_26.06_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-E.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix E
19071_I5_RQ_26.07_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-F.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix F
19071_I5_RQ_26.08_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-G.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix G
19071_I5_RQ_26.09_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-H.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix H
19071_I5_RQ_26.10_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-I.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix I
19071_I5_RQ_26.11_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-J.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix J
19071_I5_RQ_26.12_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-K.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix K
19071_I5_RQ_26.13_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-L.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix L
19071_I5_RQ_26.14_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-M.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix M
19071_I5_RQ_26.15_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-N.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix N
19071_I5_RQ_26.16_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-O.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix O
19071_I5_RQ_26.17_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-P.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix P
19071_I5_RQ_26.18_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-Q.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix Q
19071_I5_RQ_26.19_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-R.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix R
19071_I5_RQ_26.20_20percent-Design-Narrative-Appendix-S.pdf20 Percent Design Narrative Appendix S
19071_I5_RQ_27.01_731-015-0075_Findings_forDirectorSignature.pdfOAR 731-015-0075 Findings