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OR 214 at Jefferson Street (Silverton)

Project Completed

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Silverton, Marion)

​​Construct an enhanced pedestrian crossing on OR 214 at Jefferson Street.

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Construction Impacts

Project is complete.​



Enlarged project map​This project consists of an enhanced pedestrian crossing on OR 214 at Jefferson Street in Silverton that will increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. The key elements of the project include a pedestrian island, rectangular rapid flashing beacon and installed lights on the south leg of the intersection. ​

​This project includes:

  • A 10-foot median island with marked crosswalk on the south leg of the intersection.
  • Rectangular rapid flashing beacon signs with an additional head/pole in the center median island.
  • Sidewalk infill in the southeast corner, of the existing right of way.
  • Lighting for improved pedestrian visibility.
  • Pavement overlay to change the lane configuration with new striping.
​Within the last few years, the local middle school location changed from the east side of OR 214 to the west side, resulting in more students crossing at this intersection.
Local bicycle and pedestrian advocates and the City of Silverton staff have voiced safety concerns for several years, resulting in a speed study by ODOT, followed by a corridor safety investigation that included this intersection.
Our staff conducted a traffic count evaluation in May 2017 to better understand motorist, pedestrian and bicycle movements and identify the operational needs at this intersection since the school was relocated. The evaluation confirmed that a high number of pedestrians and bicyclists are crossing this intersection.


Utility work in our right of way through May 2020 
Construction estimated to begin in June of 2020


OR 214 |

​Jefferson Street

Cost and Funding


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Project Contacts

Assistant Resident Engineer
Leia Kagawa

Public Information Officer
Lou Torres

Last Updated

2/3/2021 3:12 PM

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