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I-84 Cascade Locks-Idaho and I-82 Sign Upgrades

Construction Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County, Region 4: Central Oregon, Region 5: Eastern Oregon (Various)

​​Upgrade and replace freeway signs to improve visibility.​


Traffic Impact

Enlarge project map.We expect very little impact to the driving public, as most work will be performed along the freeway shoulder.

Anticipated impacts include:
  • ​Expect shoulder closures and short-term, single lane closures.
  • Traffic slow-downs may be required to facilitate safe removal and reinstallation of signs.
  • Flaggers may be needed at some replacement locations, like heavily traveled areas around cities. Flaggers will not be along the freeway mainline.
  • Short duration ramp closures with detours are tentative at this time. We anticipate work to happen at night with minimal effect to traffic.
Visit​ for updates to traffic impacts.

Meetings and Events

We held an online open house on February 2- 28, 2021. The information presented in the open house remains available for review at the following link.

Archived - I-84 Cascade Locks-Idaho and I-82 Sign Upgrades open house.​


  • ​Stage 1: Construction expected to begin summer 2021 and finish by January 2023.
  • ​Stage 2: Anticipated to start in 2023.



​I-84 is a major route from Portland to eastern Oregon and Idaho. It is heavily traveled year-round, is part of the national highway system and is also a designated freight and vertical clearance route. 

Many signs along I-84 and I-82 are faded and have lost reflectivity, making them difficult to see and read, especially at night or during other low light conditions.

Example of faded sign to be replaced

Project elements include:
  • ​We will replace all mainline and ramp signs in poor condition.
  • Mileposts and traveler information signs (blue signs with restaurants, gas and other services) will not be replaced. Some blue rest area signs will be replaced, depending on their location and condition.
  • Ground-mounted signs will receive new sign supports.
  • Cantilever and bridge structures will remain. 
  • Some signs may be removed from undercrossing structures to ground-mounted supports to reduce future maintenance costs.
Example of cantilever sign - Exit 64 Hood River

This project will be constructed in two stages.
  • ​Stage 1
    • I-84: Cascade Locks-Pendleton (mileposts 47.10-212.5)
    • I-82: (mileposts 0-10.68).
  • Stage 2
    • I-84: Pendleton-Idaho (mileposts 212.5 and 378.01).


I-84 |

I-84: Columbia River Highway
I-84: Old Oregon Trail Highway
I-82: McNary Highway​

Cost and Funding

​Construction cost for each stage is estimated at $9.5 million.


​David Evans and Associates are on contract as project consultants.

Contacts & Media

Map of project locations

Project Contacts

R5 Resident Engineer - Consultant Projects
Bryan Strasser

Public Information Officer - ODOT Region 5
Tom Strandberg
541-963-1330, cell 541-663-6261

Last Updated

5/13/2021 10:57 AM

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