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U.S. 20 and Locust Roundabout Project

Design Phase

Region 4: Central Oregon (Sisters, Deschutes)

​​​Roundabout Construction at U.S. 20 and Locust Street.



Design Starting 2022

Anticipated Bid Let: January 2024

Anticipated Construction: Spring 2024



​The purpose of this project is to construct a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Hwy US 20 and Locust Street in Sisters, Oregon. 

The current intersection fails to meet ODOT operation standards. High levels of truck traffic lead to long delays on Locust Street. This intersection has the highest number of vehicle collisions in the city.

This roundabout will mirror the successful U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive roundabout at the west end entrance to town. The project will expand bicycle and pedestrian facilities in downtown Sisters with enhanced bike and pedestrian crossings at the U.S. 20 and Locust Street intersection, new sidewalks to and from adjacent side streets, and a multi-use path along Locust Street to the Sisters Elementary School. The roundabout design will also include an over-dimensional load route. In concert with the roundabout at U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive, the Locust Street roundabout will also facilitate an Alternate Route to US 20 and improve access to the growing industrial district along the Barclay Drive corridor. ​


U.S. 20

Cost and Funding

Construction Budget: $5 million

​$250,000 from the City of Sisters for preliminary design

Additional Information

This project is receiving $5 million from the "Enhance" portion of the 2024-2027 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. Projects in this category are aimed at improving safety and reducing congestion on some of Oregon's busiest roadways.​

Contacts & Media

Project Contacts

Area Manager
Bob Townsend

Community Affairs Coordinator
Meghan Blyth

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6/24/2022 10:25 AM

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