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SW Terwilliger Blvd and SW Bertha Blvd on-ramps Maintenance Project

Construction Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland)

This project improves the weight capacity of the Terwilliger Boulevard and Bertha Boulevard on-ramps to I-5 north, which will maintain long-term safety and use of these heavily traveled ramps. ​​​


Traffic Impact

We expect that work will begin again in 2020 and will include ramp and trail impacts.  There are no impacts to the ramps or streets in the area at this time. 



This June, we began maintenance on the SW Terwilliger Blvd and SW Bertha Blvd elevated on-ramps to I-5 north. This work improves the weight capacity on the hinges of the ramps, which will maintain long-term safety and use of these heavily traveled on-ramps. Work includes removing and replacing existing bearings with new bearing pads.

Work is temporarily halted and will continue again in 2020.

Why is maintenance needed on these ramps?

Due to the changing nature of vehicle weights, bridge load ratings need to increase to meet current design standards. In addition, the concrete compresses from use over time and needs maintenance. Bearing pads are replaced, and the new pads and hinges are re-encased and inserted closer inside the bridge for increased stability and load capacity.

What are the benefits of the project?

Newly replaced bearings will increase the load capacity of both on-ramps improving our roads and maintain long-term safety by ensuring the on-ramps can continue serving thousands of travelers a day.


I-5 | ​​SW Terwilliger Blvd and SW Bertha Blvd on-ramps to I-5 in SW Portland. 

Cost and Funding


Additional Information

​For Americans with Disabilities Act or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/ interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY (800) 735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1. 

¿Habla usted español? Podemos proveer la información en esta publicación en español. Para recibir la información en español, por favor llamé al (503) 731-4128. ​​

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Project Contacts

Community Affairs Coordinator
Lili Boicourt

Community Affairs Coordinator
Ellen Sweeney

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12/18/2019 5:26 PM

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