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St. Johns Bridge Maintenance

Project Completed

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Baker, Multnomah)

​This project improved the strength of the bridge by applying steel reinforcement to the framework under the St Johns Bridge in North Portland. This project is complete. ​​


Traffic Impact

Maintenance Project Complete

October 9, 2019


We are pleased to announce the St. Johns Bridge maintenance work is complete and both sidewalks are now open. Thank you to our communities, businesses and all users of the St. Johns Bridge for your patience during this project.



The work improved the strength of the bridge by adding 5,000 steel bolts to 60 locations on the framework under the bridge. By adding more steel reinforcements, long-term bridge stability is improved, and the bridge is more capable of carrying increased traffic.

Work started in late August, 2019 and was expected to last 60 days. Maintanence crews made great progress and completed the work in 42 days.

Lunchtime on the St. Johns Bridge during construction in 1931.

About the St. Johns Bridge

This bridge was originally designed by the famous suspension bridge engineer D.B. Steinman and is still a beautiful marvel of engineering even by today’s standards. At the time of the bridge's completion in 1931, the bridge had the highest clearance in the nation, the longest prefabricated steel cable rope strands, the tallest steel frame piers of reinforced concrete, the first application of aviation clearance lights to the towers, and was the longest suspension span west of Detroit. 




U.S. 30BY | ​St. Johns Bridge in North Portland.

Cost and Funding



This work will maintain long-term safety by ensuring the bridge can continue serving thousands of travelers a day.

What Problem Will This Improve?

This work was needed to keep up with changing vehicle weights and meet current design standards.​ By adding more steel reinforcements on the bridge’s structural framework, bridge stability is improved and the bridge will be more capable of carrying increased traffic.

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Project Contacts

Community Affairs Coordinator
Lili Boicourt

Community Affairs Coordinator
Ellen Sweeney

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1/14/2021 12:11 PM

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