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U.S. 97: Wickiup Junction Refinement Planning

Design Phase

Region 4: Central Oregon (La Pine, Deschutes)

​​Following the closeout of the original Wickiup Junction Project, and completion of the Girder Removal Project, ODOT was left with aproximately $1.7 million in remaining budget. In October of 2017, the OTC approved utilizing all remaining funds from the Wickiup projects for other Wickiup Transportation Projects. This included geotechnical site analysis, transportation refinement planning, short and long-term intersection improvements and other safety improvements along U.S. 97 through and around La Pine.​​​​​​


Traffic Impact

​To be determined



U.S. 97 | ​​U.S. 97 at Wickiup Juction/Burgess Road in La Pine​

Cost and Funding

​US97 Wickiup Junction Refinement Planning - $295, 000 (This work has already started)

Preliminary Engineering - $700,000 (This PE includes ongoing settlement analysis of the bridge structure, and design of intersection improvements at Rosland and Burgess Intersections including illumination and striping improvements, and other engineering associated with the Refinement Plan work.)

R/W - $200,000 (This R/W funding will be used to help implements Refinement Plan needs)

Construction Phase - $500,000 (This will include illumination at Rosland & Burgess along with other needs identified from the Refinement Plan). 

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Area Manager
Bob Townsend

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9/23/2021 12:55 PM

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