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Justice-Involved Veterans

In Oregon, it is estimated that the state houses approximately 1,250 incarcerated veterans, which would represent about 8.5 percent of the estimated 14,700 inmates in Oregon prisons.

Although many federal VA benefits are affected by incarceration, justice-involved veterans may still be eligible for benefits, either at a full or reduced level. If benefits are terminated, they may be reinstated following your release.

How your benefits are affected depends on many factors, including the type of benefits you are receiving, the severity of the crime and the length of incarceration. However, it is important to know what compensation, pension, education and other benefits you may still be eligible for, because staying connected to these programs can greatly increase your chances of success post-release.

Explore below for more information about justice-involved veterans, what benefits you may still be eligible to receive and what programs are available to help you reintegrate back into the community after being released.

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