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Women Veterans

In 2015, Oregon became one of only a handful of states to have established a permanent, full-time women veterans coordinator — dedicated to serving the unique needs of women veterans.

It is the goal of ODVA and the women veterans coordinator to improve advocacy and outreach to women who have served in the military, gather better data and research on women veterans in Oregon, participate in policy that is (or may be) relevant to women veterans, and help advance the level of care women veterans receive in Oregon.

We understand that working for women veterans means hearing your questions, problems issues or concerns. Of course, it also means hearing what's working. With all this in mind, we approach this exciting new position with women veterans at the forefront of all we do.

For assistance with Oregon women veteran resources, please contact Sheronne Blasi at (503) 931-5780 or

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ODVA Women Veterans Coordinator

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Call or text: (503) 931-5780


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Did you know?

In the 1970s and 80s many contributions made by women in World War II were formally recognized through laws that granted these women with veteran status.
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