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Notifying the Board about Human Remains

OMCB does not accept 20 Day Body Holds via fax, mail, or phone. Please complete and submit the form below to notify the Board of a 20 Day Body Hold.
Per OAR 830-030-0010(4), “All human remains must undergo final disposition within twenty calendar days after a licensed funeral establishment takes possession of the remains. If human remains are going to be kept longer than a twenty-calendar day period due to exigent circumstances, it is the responsibility of the licensee responsible for those human remains to notify the Board by submitting the completed form via the Board's website by the twenty-first calendar day. Once disposition has been completed, the licensee who is responsible for the human remains shall notify the Board within five calendar days after performing disposition by submitting the updated completed form via the Board's website".

Additionally, per OAR 830-040-0000(11), “After human remains are released to the Cemetery Authority, they must be placed in their designated grave, crypt or vault within 24 hours after taking possession unless exigent circumstances exist. After human remains are released to the Crematory Authority, those remains must be cremated and processed within 48 hours unless exigent circumstances exist. In such exigent circumstances, the facility must notify both the funeral service practitioner responsible for the arrangements and the office of the Board. The licensed facility, funeral service practitioner, or person acting as the funeral service practitioner under ORS Chapter 432, responsible for the arrangements for that deceased, must notify the family of such exigent circumstances and, at the request of the cemetery or crematory, pick up and arrange for proper storage of the remains within 24 hours of notification."

Funeral service practitioners and Board staff often refer to this notification as a "20 Day Body Hold." 

*** If there is no date of disposition, please resubmit after disposition has occured.***