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About the Board

The Board licenses and regulates individual death care professionals and the facilities where they work.

The mission of the Board is to protect public health, safety and welfare by fairly and efficiently performing its licensing, inspection and enforcement duties; by promoting professional behavior and standards in all facets of the Oregon death care industry; and, by maintaining constructive relationships with licensees, those they serve and others with an interest in the Board's activities.

The Board's work affects those who have suffered a loss, those who make final arrangements for themselves or others, and those who provide death care goods and services. It is the Board's responsibility to license and regulate the practice of individuals and facilities engaged in the care, preparation, processing, transportation and final disposition of human remains.

The Board has eleven volunteer members appointed by the Governor. It includes seven individuals representing the death care industry and four public members. Board members are appointed for four-year terms. The Board has a full-time staff of six. The Board supports itself through fees from licensing, examination, and death record filing. 

The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer.

Current Board Members 

David Bone, President Oregon City Embalmer / Funeral Service Practitioner
Angela McKenzie-Tucker, Vice President Portland Cemetery Operator, For Profit
Nancy Felton, Board Secretary/Treasurer Tigard Cemetery Operator, Non Profit
Jane Woodward Stayton Funeral Service Practitioner
Sirpa Duoos Astoria Cemetery Operator, City / County
Beatrice Gilmore Portland Public Member
Kevin Loveland La Grande Crematorium Operator
Nancy Corr Harrisburg Public Member, Representing Senior Citizen Interests
Elizabeth Pacheco Merrill Public Member
Randy Tjaden Tualatin Embalmer
Vacant - Public Member
Last updated March 21, 2019

Individuals interested in serving on the Mortuary and Cemetery Board, or any of the other Boards and Commissions in the State of Oregon, can find out more information on the Governor's Website, or by contacting the Board's Executive Director.

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