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Facility Licensing

The Board has published several documents designed to help facilities understand the facility licensing process. We encourage potential licensees to review these documents prior to contacting the Board because they answer many of the common questions that Board Staff regularly receive. Once you've read them- we'd love to hear from you and answer any additional questions that you may have!

The information included below is only an overview of the licensing requirements. Read all applications thoroughly and complete them fully prior to submission. If you have any questions about the licensing process, please reach out to our licensing specialist.

Information Applicable to All Facility License Types:

  • When a person, firm, partnership or corporation applies to the Board for a facility license, the name on the application must identify the primary activity of the facility. This name must be the registered name with the Board and must also be used as the advertised name of the facility.
  • Each branch of a licensee's facility is a separate establishment and must be licensed separately.
  • All facilities will undergo an inspection prior to licensure, including changes in ownership.
  • All license applications shall specify the real and true names of the person(s) who own or have an interest in the business proposed for licensure, including percentages of ownership and corporate information. Applications must also specify the names of all principals. If the principal is a corporation, the application shall include the names of all principals of that corporation. If a is owned by more than one level of ownership, the Applicant Facility Owner Information Sheet needs to be completed and submitted for each level of ownership above level 1.
  • Principal means a person who has controlling authority over the licensed facility, including but not limited to: (a) Managers or other persons who have decision-making authority and whose primary duties include control over the operation of the licensed facility; (b) Officers or directors who have some degree of responsibility for the operation of the licensed facility; (c) General Partners, limited and joint ventures; (d) Sole proprietors; (e) Stockholders holding a majority of outstanding shares of stock; and (f) Members of a Limited Liability Company. All principals must undergo a background check performed by Board staff.


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