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Background Checks

Certain individuals are required by law to pass a background investigation as part of the licensing process. Background investigations are performed by Board staff. 

Who is required to pass a background check?
  • Principals of Licensed Facilities*.  Principal means a person who has controlling authority over the licensed facility, including but not limited to:
      • Managers or other persons who have decision-making authority and whose primary duties include control over the operation of the licensed facility;
      • Officers or directors who have some degree of responsibility for the operation of the licensed facility;
      • General Partners, limited and joint ventures;
      • Sole proprietors;
      • Stockholders holding a majority of outstanding shares of stock; and
      • Members of a Limited Liability Company.
  • Funeral Service Practitioners
  • Embalmers
  • Preneed Salespersons
  • Death Care Consultants
  • Apprentice Funeral Service Practitioners and Embalmers
  • Intern Apprentices

The Board expects all applicants to complete their applications accurately, completely and honestly. 

If the background check of an applicant reveals criminal, civil, or administrative history, it is not automatically disqualifying for a license through OMCB. The Board must determine that the history is specifically related to the death care industry in order to deny a license to an applicant. That being said, failure to fully disclose criminal, civil, or administrative history may also cause the Board to deny an application for licensure. 

Because of this, we advise all applicants to fully disclose their entire history or risk the denial of their license. We also encourage all facility managers and employers to sufficiently advise their employees to carefully read every portion of the Background Information Questionnaire. The applicant’s career is at stake, and their application, supplemental materials and any verbal statements made to the investigator must be accurate, complete and honest. 

The application forms for individual licenses include all of the information necessary to conduct a background check. If you are applying to be a principal of a facility* and you do not already hold an individual license with OMCB, you must submit a Background Information Questionairre as part of your application.

Board staff is available and willing to help anyone with their questions regarding the completion of their application before submission. We encourage you to reach out to us as you complete the application process.

*As a policy, the Board does not charge principal fees or conduct background investigations on the principals of publicly owned cemeteries, i.e., municipal, county or special tax district cemeteries.  However, the Board must be notified upon any change of manager or other principal.  If your local government does not conduct background checks, you may request that the Board conduct a background check on the manager or any other principal of this publicly owned cemetery (except elected officials).  

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