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Disciplinary Actions

Oregon Revised Statute 676.165 requires the Board to conduct an investigation upon receipt of a complaint by any person against a licensee or applicant. The Board may also initiate an investigation upon its own motion. The Board conducts neutral investigations intended to affirm or refute allegations. Though complaint investigations are mandatory, the Board's sanctioning authority is discretionary. 

Depending on the circumstances, the Board makes a sequence of up to three key decisions on each allegation: 1) whether a violation occurred; 2) if a violation occurred, whether discipline is warranted; and, 3)  if discipline is warranted, what form of discipline is appropriate. When the Board finds that a violation has occurred, aggravating factors, mitigating factors and disciplinary history are considered  before deciding what form of discipline, if any, is appropriate. In accordance with Board decisions and the Administrative Procedures Act, and in consultation with the Board's assigned Assistant Attorney General, the compliance staff issues notices of proposed disciplinary action, negotiates voluntary settlement agreements, drafts consent and default orders, refers contested cases to the Office of Administrative Hearings, participates in hearings, drafts final orders and prepares judicial review records. 

ORS 676.175(1) prohibits the Board from publicly disclosing information obtained during inspections and investigations. However, notices of proposed disciplinary action and final orders issued by the Board are subject to public disclosure under ORS 676.175(5) and the Board may disclose otherwise confidential information that reasonably relates to the enforcement functions of other public entities, including other regulatory agencies, state and federal law enforcement authorities, district attorneys and the Department of Justice. ORS 676.177 

View Disciplinary Actions 

We are currently in the process of updating how disciplinary actions appear on our website! As a result, you cannot view the individual Notices and/or Orders issued by the Board online, however we have included a list of all of the Disciplinary actions issued since March 2007. If you would like to view any of the Notices or Orders, please email the Board at and a copy of the document can be emailed to you. The Public Records Request fee for these documents is waived, as they typically appear on this site free of charge. 

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