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Death Record Filing Fees

The death record filing fee is the $30 fee that funeral homes pay to file a death record. 

Funeral homes pay the fee to the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board for each death record filed. The fee is billed the month after the death record is finalized by vital records. For example, if a death record is completed and finalized in April, the funeral home will receive an invoice including that fee in May. If a death record takes longer to complete than usual, the fee may not be invoiced for several months after the date of death. 

This fee is not the same as the fee for a certified copy of a death certificate. This fee is not collected by the county or state vital records office. 

Of the $30 fee, $16 funds the Oregon Indigent Disposition Fund and $14 helps support the work of the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. Information about the law can be found in ORS 692.415.

Invoices for death record filing fees are emailed monthly to the email address designated by the facility. Past due notifications are mailed to facilities quarterly.

It is the responsibility of the facility to notify the Board of any changes in the email address that filing fees are sent to. Changes in ownership or manager do not automatically trigger a change in the email address for filing fees.

Failure to pay death record filing fees within 90 days of initial billing is cause for disciplinary action by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board, per OAR 830-030-0000(11).

For any questions about death record filing fees, please call 971.673.1504 or email