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The Board's staff conducts inspections of licensed facilities in Oregon in accordance with ORS 692.320. Inspections are completed during the initial licensure of a facility, and then once per facility each biennium. Board staff may also complete additional inspections as needed to carry out the duties of the Board. 

Inspection Guidelines

The Board's staff uses checklists to help guide their on-site inspections and document reviews. Blank versions of these checklists are available for review. They can help facility managers ensure that their facility is meeting the expectations set by Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules.

With the exception of egregious or continuing violations, deficiencies noted during routine inspections rarely lead to formal disciplinary action. After the on-site inspection and the document review, any deficiencies found are documented. The facility is given a reasonable time frame for voluntary corrective action.

The inspector will send the facility manager a follow-up letter showing the violations. Written confirmation that corrective action has been taken is requested. There may also be a follow-up  inspection if there is any question about whether corrective action has actually been taken.  
We encourage licensees to contact the inspector if they have questions about the inspection, need more time to complete corrective action, or need technical assistance. To identify continuing issues and verify that corrections have been made, inspection records are reviewed before the next inspection. 

By law, inspection results are confidential. The Board reviews a summary report of inspections at each Board meeting during executive session. The Board may request staff take further action about specific violations on the report. Inspectors do not have the authority to compel corrective action. In the event a licensee declines to take voluntary corrective action, the matter is presented to the full Board for a decision. If the Board decides to compel corrective action, the licensee is informed of the details by a formal notice.