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The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board regularly publishes a newsletter for all licensees and members of the death care industry in Oregon. The Newsletter includes updates to the law, information on Board member or staff changes, and guidance on commonly asked questions. If you would like to be added to our electronic mailing list, please contact Board staff. Do you have a suggestion for a topic that you want to see covered in a future newsletter? Let us know!

Past issues dating back to 2015 are available on this page. For older issues, please contact Board staff.

The Center for Vital Statistics also publishes a Newsletter related to Death Certificates. OMCB encourages all funeral service practitioners to regularly read both newsletters.
In This Issue
January 2020 Newsletter
January 2018 Newsletter
​Inside This Issue:
Executive Director Sigmund-Gaines Resigns, Next Steps
Death Certificate Fee Increase
OMCB License Renewals
Updated Indigent Disposition Resources
2018 Board Meeting Schedule
August 2017 Newsletter
​Inside This Issue:
Recent Rulemaking and Future Endeavors
HB 2317: Board Member Changes
Updates to the Indigent Disposition Program
WesternU Accepts Indigent Donor-Patients
Records Management: Converting Paper Files to an Electronic Database
​Upcoming OMCB Meetings​
December 2016 Newsletter
Inside This Issue:
OMCB Named to The Conference’s Model
Practice Act Review Committee
Working Copies of the Death Record
Oregon Legislative Session Begins Feb. 2017
The Complaint Process: From the Investigator’s Desk
New Program Announced by the Department of Veteran Affairs
Electronic Death Record System (EDRS) Update
Upcoming OMCB Meetings​​'​
July 2016 Newsletter
Inside This Issue:
Indigent Disposition Fund (IDF)
Management Moves to OMCB
“Simplified” VA Burial Benefits
The Washington Post: In Theory (Part III)
Cascadia Rising Exercise
Upcoming OMCB Meetings
January 2016 Newsletter
Inside This Issue:
Administrative Rulemaking: Review & Update
Vital Records Fee Increase
​Indigent Disposition Program
Indigent Disposition Fund Reimbursement Application (Form FS-432)
The Washington Post: In Theory (Part II)
Governor’s State Employee Food Drive
Upcoming OMCB Meetings​
December 2015 Newsletter
Inside This Issue:
Administrative R​ulemaking
A Collaborative Effort Moving Forward
When to Contact the Board
Marijuana Use in the Workplace
The Washington Post: In Theory (Part I)
And Now, a Word From Our Inspector
When to Use Preneed & At Need Contracts
Upcoming OMCB Meetings & Notice of Public Hearing
September 2015 Newsletter
​Inside This Issue:
2015 Strategic Planning Recap
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Home Inspections
Cemetery Rules & Regulations
Burial at Sea
Frontline Documentary: Being Mortal
Disposal of Unclaimed Burial Spaces
Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries
New Board Member Bios
Upcoming OMCB Meetings
July 2015 Newsletter
​​Inside This Issue
2015 Legislation: Results
Continuing Education vs  Competency-Based
Requirements for Disinterment
License Renewal
Frontline Documentary: Facing Death
Spotlight on Oregon Health Statistics (OHS)
Matters of Record: An Oregon Vital Statistics Publication
International Death Care News: The Ruriden
Veterans’ Combat Status Reporting
Upcoming OMCB Meetings
May 2015 Newsletter
Inside This Issue:
2015 Legislative Happenings
OMCB Wins Food Drive Challenge
Occupational Safety in Death Care
Model Practice Act for Funeral Service
Facility Inspections, Oh My!
Burial on Private Property
Amending Name of Funeral Home on Death Record
Right to Control Disposition
Memorial Day History
Upcoming OMCB Meetings
February 2015 Newsletter
​​Inside This Issue:
Continuing Education
Legistlative Happenings
Oregon Burial Site Guides Available
Governor's Food Drive
2015 Board Members
Registered Name with the Board